Colposcopy and biopise results

Hi Ladies, Can anyone help I had my rountine smear in November 2012 and my results came back mild dyskaryosis With hpv virus(which i knew i had) So i was referred to have an colposcopy straight away instead of a further test. At my colposcopy I had 3 biopsies taken and some treatment. Was told my results would come in the post, this was the 31st Jan and i got my results on friday 15th March, the letter says the 3 biopsie showed CIN1 with focal CIN2 and i will need another colposcopy and treatment. What do they mean focal CIN2? And why do I need more treatment, i thought i had the treatment last time. They dont even explain this, just tell me and expect me to wait to then, very confused! can anyone help

Hiya, you've had the same results I had. Fiscal means I think that there are small areas in the CIN1 areas that have changed to 2. They said they were going to give me treatment for this, but decided to adopt the wait and see approach when they had another look. I think it depends on circumstances and what it looks like when they do the 2nd colposcopy x