Colposcopy aged 20

Hi all, 

I am 20 years old and I have an appointment for a colposcopy a week today. 

My symptoms include spotting between periods, random pains, pains during and after intercourse and fatigue. I went to my GP who looked at my cervix and said it didn’t look ‘quite right’ but she couldn’t have a good feel because it was too painful. 

My mum was treated for abnormal cells at 20 years old and had a hysterectomy and treatment for cervical cancer at 45 years old, (touch wood) she’s doing fine now 4 years later. 

On the other side, my aunt unfortunately lost her life at 23 years old due to cervical cancer. 

Due to my family history and symptoms as well as the semi-successful cervical examination, my GP referred me for an urgent colposcopy to rule out cancer. 

Honestly, my anxiety levels are through the roof and I really would just like some words of advice or support in the run up to my appointment.

Also, does anyone know when you receive results I.e. during the colposcopy appointment or will I have to wait weeks? And is the colposcopy painful?


Many thanks in advance I am really grateful for any and all responses 



Sorry to hear of your situation.

The colposcopy isn't painful they will use a speculum which will open your cervix so they can have a proper look at what's going on. They may decide to do a smear or take some biopsies, if so it should take around 4 weeks for the results of those to arrive.

The good thing is you are being seen quickly so it's less time for you to worry and stress over it.

You can take a relative or friend in with you and they can stay with you throughout.

Good luck try not to worry x 



Hi, Colposcopies are just like having a smear, but takes a little longer. After a few minutes, you wont feel the speculum. This doesn’t actually ’open up‘ your cervix; it‘s function is to expand your vagina a little, so that they can have a clearer view of the cervix. They have different sizes to choose from, as us women come in different sizes, too! They are really lovely and professional at the hospital and will understand, if you are a little nervous. I had a dedicated nurse chatting to me the whole time and I hardly felt a thing, even though my anatomy isn’t well designed for examining!

I understand how worrying it must be for you, but you’re in the system now and they’ll look after you. Abnormal cells are very slow growing (about 15 years or so), so please try not to worry too much.