Colposcopy again - CIN 1 not gone

Hi all, 

I'm sorry for posting about something so small compared to what so many of you are going through but I'm driving myself mad with worry.

I've had yearly smears for about 3 yrs now after a borderline one. In Feb 12 was sent a letter saying mild changes & called for colposcopy, had punch biopsys in Apr app came back CIN 1 further smear booked for Nov 12.

I've had problems with breakthrough bleeding since June & GP referred me to gynae. Saw lovely Gynae consultant on 5th Nov, he did my smear at same time & took endometrial biopsy (ouch!).

Smear has come back still with mild changes & another colposcopy booked for 10th Dec.

Do they keep doing this every six months with CIN 1 hoping it'll go? Not had endometrial results but have cramps most days, spotting daily and getting worried now.

Also had VIN 3 (vulval equivalent of CIN) so apparently higher risk.

Sorry if I've rambled.


Hi Sarah

I've only just seen your post and glad you felt able to write, as these situations are really hard to cope with and chatting to others can help. 

I'm sorry you've been having problems with CIN and VIN, although at least you have another coploscopy coming up soon and they can have a good look at what's happening. When the cell changes are mild (CIN1) they can go back to normal by themselves, so it's quite usual to leave them and just keep an eye on things (even though very worrying stressful to have such regular checks). You should have a consultation prior to the colposcopy and you could ask the doctor at that point how long they would leave for them at CIN1 before looking to remove the cells. I think this can vary in different areas.  Also they are starting to bringing in HPV testing, so you could also ask if you could be HPV tested. This is meant to give them an idea of whether the cell changes are more likely to become more  severe. However this isn't an exact science.

I hope that this will be helpful, and send best wishes for your colposcopy. Please do post again if you find it helps to chat.

Take care x

Twilight 12, thanks so much for your reply.

I had my 2nd colposcopy on 10th Dec (told her that since last one in Apr I'd had bleeding probs, prob coincidence, but all the same). She said she hopefully wouldn't need to take biopsies, but took 2 - had a student observing & heard something about glands???? Anyway, asked how long for results at the mo cos last time took 6 wks exactly, she said yep prob 6 wks again especially with Xmas & New year. Told her I was going abroad after Xmas & she jotted down dates. She boooked me in for another appoitment at colposcopy & to see consultant in June but said if biopsies showed anything they would be in touch.

Got in from work yest - Fri eve before Xmas. Letter saying "we regret to inform you that it has been necessary to change the date of your next appointment from June 2013 to Jan 17th". Scared - terrified. Wish it said what level CIN it was or what else they'd found. Can anyone help please - I know this maybe nothing, I know it could be LLETZ & sorted, it's getting a letter with Xmas round the corner, then going abroad 'to enjoy myself' & now this takes over everything. Going to call hosp first thing Mon morning to see what they will tell me.