Colposcopy after pregnancy

Has anyone has a colposcopy after having a baby? I had a lletz procedure in Oct 2015 and when I went for my 6 month check up I was actually newly pregnant so they declined to check and just booked me in for 3 months post birth. 

I'm now at that point and worrying that it's been so long since ive been checked. I also don't know if the lletz procedure worked. 

To add to that, I had an episiotomy with the birth so slightly worried about the colposcopy hurting my scar. 

I'd like to know anyone else's experience after having a baby please. 

Hi Boodles,

I was found to have CIN3 in June 2016 then found out I was pregnant so was unable to have treatment. I was told to contact Colposcopy to make an appt for 12 weeks after baby was born where they gave me a reapeat smear. I gave birth to my son in March 2017 and had LLETZ yesterday (20 weeks post partum).

They use a different speculum for treatment apparently and I did find that quite uncomfortable being put in. The anaesthetic injection wasn't bad and treatment painless and done in literally 2 minutes. Did have quite a bit of strong period type cramping yesteday which was really affecting my back but touch wood feel much better today, just very tired.

Defo get in touch with Colposcopy if you are worried you haven't  yet had your follow up appt as it's so important.