Colposcopy after menopause

I just wanted to offer my experience of colposcopy after menopause. I had my first abnormal smear aged 57 (HPV and low-grade dyskaryosis). I have vaginal atrophy and was dreading the procedure. It was initially uncomfortable, but the consultant and nurse were excellent and I found that it really helped me to relax a little being able to see the screen as the colposcopy was done. In my case, the colposcopy confirmed the smear test result and I didn’t need a biopsy. I was told that I should have a repeat smear test in one year. I’ve been stressing for weeks about the colposcopy and my smear test result, researching as much as I could…convincing myself of the worst possible scenario. However, the outcome was better than I expected and I just wanted to reassure others in a similar position to myself.