Colposcopy after conservative management

I’m 32 with no kids yet but really want to start trying in the next year or so fingers crossed. I have had ALOT of abnormal smears, one round of Lletz and a punch biopsy and my results are still coming back as CIN1. My consultant agreed to do 3 monthly colposcopy as a conservative management method to avoid further treatment if possible while I still wanted children to avoid any issues.

This all sounded great but now my colposcopy has come back around and it is on Saturday and I am just so scared. Has anyone had this before? Will it just be a checkup or are they likely to take another biopsy?

I’ve had enough of this hanging over me now for years :frowning:

Hello Lucy1991 . My situation is not the same as yours but I am also on colposcopy monitoring every 6 months
I had LLETZ for CIN3 and CGIN with no clear margins after that I had a colposcopy after 3 months that came out all clear and well, but because I am done having kids and I am 43 I was offered extra LLETZ or Hysterectomy or constant monitoring every 6 months for a minimum of 2 years and yearly for 10 years, my doctor said if it was her she would do monitoring because is a very slow growing thing I always have time to get treated before it gets bad. So in total after Lletz I had 3 colposcopy and all 3 good except that I am still HPV positive but no abnormalities.
I totally get you, days before colposcopy the stress is very real but I keep thinking on what my doctor told me if there is anything bad there is time to act quickly before it gets worse so that gives me a sense of peace of mind.
Many ladies on this site had kids after Lletz so it is possible, keep positive most CIN1 go back to normal so the numbers are on your side
Take care let me know how you get on.

Thanks for your reply, glad to hear yours are coming back clear!! :slight_smile:

Had my colposcopy they weren’t too happy with it and now this it may have progressed slightly so I had a couple more biopsy’s taken. They did sound reassuring though that it was just to be extra safe so now it’s just waiting for the results :frowning: fingers crossed!

Good luck with results let me know what they say.