Colposcopy - Abnormal area extremely large - Children Mentioned

Hi everyone,

I am really looking for some advice from people who have been where I am at the moment. I had a smear test in January and the results were abnormal. I was referred to a gynacologist in February to have a colcoscopy. The doctor took some punch biopsys and afterward the first thing he asked me was ''Do you want to have more children?''. Unexpecting this sort of response my boyfriend and I laughed and said not for a few years (at that point we had no idea that most treatments for CC would make me infertile / incapable of having children). He then went on to explain that such a large area of the cervix was at least at CIN3 and would have to be removed under general anesthetic. I asked if there was cancer and he said he could not say until the biopsy results (I pressed hum on it and it was clear he was reluctant to speak about anything until he hard proof).

I am waiting for the results on Monday / Tuesday, I can call then or wait for Friday because at the Colposcopy we already scheduled an appointment so that we coul discuss a treatment plan. Obviusly this all has me very worried because I have noticed it is not normal for a doctor to mention children at a colposcopy (he brought this up after the examination) and also for this hospital it is not normal for the doctor to immediatly sechule an appointment without waiting for the biopsy results (when I rang for the results yesterday the receptionist told me that they would only call me if the results were bad and otherwise to wait until my next pap smear..  I didn't even bother trying to explain to her what had happened at the colposcopy because I seeem to be met at every turn with the line ''you don't have cervical cancer, you are too young blah blah blah).


So just to wrap this up (sorry for the long post)..I am 26 years old and have a two year old daughter. I wanted a pap smear when she born but the doctor refused. I have some symptoms such as heavey abnormal discharge, increasingly painful periods, lower back pain and pain during sex.

I really hope somebody can offer me some advice or support as I am struggling with everything at the moment!

Hiya so sorry you're going through this stressful time, I had my Pap smear and it came back CIN3 

then I went for my colposcopy 6 days ago which the consultant couldn't do any treatment because all my cervix that he could see was covered in it and the other parts have CIN2 

im awaiting the results of the punch biopsies which can take up to six weeks! Don't think I near to think about it because it's already driving me nuts! 

If you have the appointment for Friday is this to discuss what treatment they are going to do? 



Thanks for the reply! I am also sorry that you are going through all this & like you I am going nuts waiting! Did the doctor mention anything about treatment to you or make any inications as to whether it had progressed on from CIN3? It seems to me that even if they see something they don't want to say anything without the biopsy results.

The Friday appointment is to discuss what treatment I should have. The consultant said that the surgery I would need would mean I would have a lot of difficulty carrying a baby to full after some research this seems to make me think that he wants to do a trachelectomy. The problem is that he did not want to say too much until the results (whether it was cancerous or even about what the surgery would be).


My consultant was awful he dismissed any questions I had at one point he laughed at a question I asked all he told me was I needed treatment but

he never told me what treatment, like your consultant I presume they want to wait until the biopsy results are back in before making any decisions.

He looked at my cervix once the dye was on and on the screen it was all white I couldn't see any pink and after my initial conversation with the consultant and the fact he wasn't very gentle I just wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible, I know most people do have treatments and they also have indications of what they have in regards to CIN but like you I'm in limbo with what is going on, if you're going back on Friday then they will hopefully fingers crossed know what treatment is best for you


Good luck and please let me know how you get on xxx

I know that with the kind of treatment you mentioned it could be difficult to carry a child to full term however

please don't let this worry you as hard as it may be wait until you've been and seen him on Friday, 

there are amazing things they can do to help you if and when you decide to have a child xxx