Colposcopy 4 days ago

I’ve spent some time reading the forum and it’s been really helpful.

I don’t really know what’s going on. I went for the routine smear test and received an appointment for a colposcopy 2 weeks later. I have no idea what the smear found as the letter didn’t say.

At the colposcopy the doctor said my smear test ‘wasn’t normal’ but no other details. During the colcoscopy he said that changes where ‘significant’ and performed a lletz procedure then and there. I had read previously that this was for the purpose of removing cells. As I was leaving the doctor said to me that he would write to me with the results. So I assume that means a biopsy or that usual with a lletz procedure?

The day after the hospital I received a load of letters which must have come late inviting me to the hospital appointment and what to expect which wasn’t helpful.

As you can tell I don’t really know what’s going on, do you think it would be helpful for me to try and find out what the results of the smear were or should I just wait for the lletz/biopsy?! Results?

Many thanks

Hi Emma

Having been through LEETZ 9 years ago I know it can be a scary time.  The fact that they performed a procedure then and there means that your smear result would have been CIN2 or CIN3, it doesn't really help knowing your result now as the colcoscopy is the procedure that really tells them what's going on.  However, it all sounds very positive in so far as they performed the procedure and will now biopsy the results to make sure they got all the abnormal cells.  You will then be called for a 6 month check up and yearly smears thereafter for a period of time.  95% of women need no further treatment.

In my case I had CIN3 and had treatment at my first appointment.   I had follow up smears for 6 years, all clear and was then put back on 3 yearly check ups.  Unfortunately in the last month I have started to experience bleeding after sex so I am waiting for a referral, as I was on the normal screening again it's been 2 years since my last smear:-( Hopefully it's something and nothing but the wait is such an anxious time.  The screening worked for you, they caught the cells and treated them, am sure you will be absolutely fine.  Make sure you attend all follow up smears but the vast majority of abnormal cells do not return after treatment. 


Emma xx

Hi Emma im sorry to hear you are going through this worrying time its not knowing that frazzles our brains. Doctors seem to think we are all Mystic Megs and have mastered the art of mind reading. A biopsy is usually taken after a Lietz to see if they have removed the abnormalities you usually get the results in 2 weeks. Your GP should have your results so it  may be worth while giving them a call for peace of mind. Sometimes it helps to write your questions down if you are anything like me you will forget the important questions and ramble on about the weather lol I hope you get answers soon keep in touch Emma xx

Thank you so much for your replies, it is very worrying isnt it but I feel so lucky I had the smear and the Colposcopy. My smear previous to that I assume was fine as I never heard back. I haven't bothered trying to find out as this has happened and it'll make no difference Knowing after the event. Im going to try to put it out of my if it's that easy. I found it strange that on all of these forum entries people talk about their cin result but I don't know mine but as you've said it must have been 2/3 otherwise they wouldn't have given me the LLetz . I will wait and see. Thankyou both so much for responding. It is truly an isolated place at the moment

hi love

I'm exactly the same as you, I had my smear results back on the 2nd Feb saying an abnormal result, and went for a colposcopy Friday and had lletz treatment, no explanation of why?

this has made me extremely ill with worry as I already suffer with severe anxiety, I can't think of anything else other than what my results are going to be and if it's going to be bad news because I don't know what the abnormality is, I'm dreading my phone ringing or the post box going :( I'm so confused xx

I havent heard anything yet, I do feel a bit better about it now. Just got to wait and see. I bleed for a couple of days, then waterfall, then period which was heavy now everything has settled down. I think it is very shocking when nothing has been explained to you

glad to hear your feeling a little better about it now hun x