Colposcopy 3w ago. GP wants to see me urgently

I had a colposcopy on Feb 14th (lovely Valentines Day gift to myself lol). 

The gynecolgist said he could see severe dysplasia so took some biopsies of my uterus as well as my cervix. I’m due to go to the gynaecologist on Tuesday for the results and to discuss next steps. 

I went to see my GP on Thursday for something unrelated and we talked about what the next steps might be from the colposcopy and what they would entail. So imagine my surprise when I get a call from the GPs office late Friday afternoon saying they’d received the pathology report back and asking me to come in urgently to his next available appointment which is 9am Monday morning. I asked if I could come Friday 16th instead to discuss as I have the gynecologist on Tuesday anyway and was told the Dr didn‘t want to wait till later in the week and would rather see me before the gynaecologist. 

I can’t help but tell myself it’s clearly bad news as there is no other reason he’d want to see me before I see the gynaecologist. I have a relationship with him and I feel he’d feel like it’s his duty to be the one to break the news to me. If it’s just another procedure then we’d already talked about that on Thursday so why ask to see me urgently? And to leave me the weekend panicking is bloody cruel. 

Sorry that nobody has replied sooner. 14 hours now until your appointment. I hope things go better than you are imagining, please update on here. I have no experience myself really, going for my colposcopy tomorrow morning so nervous myself. X

Thinking of you this morning Annie. You will be in your appointment now. All the best. xxx