Colposcopy 3 weeks tomorrow

Hi ladies

Ive been having bleeding in between periods and pain during intercourse for about 6 months now. I had my smear test last week and they noticed a black spot on my cervix and said it 'appeared raw' - I've had my colposcopy thought for 3 weeks tomorrow and am so worried. I really just want to know what's going on, the not knowing is driving me mad.

has anyone had experience with this and is a colposcopy in three weeks quite a quick waiting time or is it usually a short wait?

thank you xxx


I am had colposcopy 2 weeks ago. Similar to you during pelvic exam the doctor told

me my cervix look row and hard. She took smear test and I have phone call app tomorrow as she wants to discuss my smear results. I am freaking out about it.?


Colposcopy in 3 weeks is fast, I know few people who waited 6-8 weeks for their. 
even though she said my cervix looked row and hard during colposcopy she did not see any abnormal Cells but she took biopsy anyways. They will be able to tell you right than if they see anything abnorml. Try not to worry about it. I know it's easer said than done.waiting part is the worse!


Thank you so much for getting back to me Milo, so kind of you to reply. I'm so sorry you're going through something similar it is so hard isn't it. I really hope you get on ok with your smear results tomorrow, let me know on here if you get a chance I'll be keeping everything crossed for you x

Thank you. 
I will keep you updated.

you too. Keep me updated on your colposcopy appointment. I do agree waiting is the hardest part of all of this. 

Hi milo ! Did you get smear results back?