Colposcopy - 2nd time

Hi, I had CIN3 almost 10 years ago. I had the LLETZ treatment twice and was eventually given the all clear. I’ve had regular smears since with no issues til the last one in December where I’ve now got a colposcopy appointment this Thursday. There’s no information at all on the letter. I’m sure last time it told me why but it was so long ago I can’t be sure. I’ve been keeping busy and trying to avoid thinking about it but I’m sick with worry. Could it happen again this long after? Is that normal? I thought that would be the end of it but now I’m terrified that it’s more sinister. Quite a large amount of cells were removed last time and I was told that getting pregnant would be very risky going forward. This isn’t a problem for me as I have children and no desire for have any more.
Has anyone been in this situation? I guess I’m just looking for reassurance that it’s normal x

Hello maybe call the colposcopy clinic that you have the appointment and ask for more information for sure they need to let you know the reason for that appointment you have a right to know, it may be just a positive HPV result, or that abnormal cells have been detected again. But if you attended your appointments after your treatments you for sure have time to catch it before it gets bad.
Keep positive and definitely call them and demand information take care and good luck

So I went for my colposcopy on 19th Jan. they went through my history and I was told that the likelihood was that I would now be potentially looking at a hysterectomy. I’m ok with this-in fact I wanted that 10 years ago!! They took a biopsy, I’ve called the hospital this week as I’ve not received any results. After 3 days of calling a being messed about I was told today that a letter is in the post and that I need to go for another biopsy. No more info than that.
Completely fed up, I just want it all gone. Give me the hysterectomy and remove the problem. I don’t understand why that isn’t the first option

Hello Tracydines just wondering how you got on ? Any answers yet ? Hope you are well

Hi, unfortunately the result from my biopsy was unclear and gave no result. I have to return for another biopsy next month so I’m still none the wiser and just preying all is ok xx

O wow ,so sorry waiting is definitely the most difficult part of this., hopefully not much longer now for you to get clarity on this good luck, let me know how you get on

Thank you for asking after me.
I was a mess when the results came and there were no answers, but I’m trying to just forget about it for now and just hope the next one is ok xx