Colposcopy, 2 biopsies, waiting for laser treatment

I’m new to this site and am a little confused, dazed and worrying a little about the results of my biopsies.
18th October I had my smear, heard nothing for a month - rang to get update on 18th November to hear not processed yet! 2 weeks later I have a letter saying I have irregular cells and to go to hospital to have a colposcopy and Possible biopsy (today).

I had no idea what to expect as letter didn’t say much other than the date and time of my appointment. As soon as I walked into the room I was asked to sit down and the nurse (don’t actually know who or what she was-colposcopist?) said “right, you have what we call high-grade dysplasia and you need treatment, we would like to do a LEEP today!” I had no idea what that was so she explained it to me by drawing on a diagram, I didn’t like that idea! She then asked me a few questions… when my last period was, how many children I have when was my last smear etc. I explained that during my smear, I had my IUD out at the same time because we want to try for another baby… she advised to wait until after the treatment.

It was then she offered the laser treatment because I want to have another baby. The only thing is… I stopped listening to what she was saying… now I don’t know…

  1. how long I’ll be waiting for my results for the biopsies long I will be waiting for the appointment for the laser treatment
    3.what the results of the biopsies will tell me
    4.what happens after the laser treatment long I have to wait after the treatment to try for a baby!

If anyone has some answers or similar stories they are willing to share it would be very much appreciated as I’m freaking out a little with just the fact she said high-grade dysplasia!
I want to freak out but feel really stupid because I haven’t got cancer it’s just I have pre-cancerous cells.

Am I overreacting?

Sorry for the long message but I’m freaking out a little.
Thanks in advance,
Hannah xxx

I am sorry this has happened to you. Assuming you are in the UK, it is against NHS protocol to try to persuade a patient to have LEEP/LLETZ at their first appointment if you have not been sent information about the procedure beforehand. You cannot properly consent to treatment if you have not had time to understand what you are consenting to. 

The results of your biopsies will take 2 - 4 weeks to come through. They will tell you what grade of abnormally you have with CIN 1 being the mildest and CIN 3 the most severe. In most cases, biopsies match the findings of the smear test and high grade dysplasia corresponds to either CIN 2 or 3.

CIN 1 is usually managed by observation, CIN 3 treated with LEEP/LLETZ and CIN 2 could be either. 

I would suggest reading the Jo’s Trust information pages on what happens when you have LEEP including the recovery information and side effects.

Not sure how long you will be waiting for your treatment as I had mine at my first appointment - though unlike you, I had been sent lots of info so felt fully informed.

I had LLETZ in July and have commented on my recovery on recent posts in the colposcopy section of this forum (other women have slightly different experiences of recovery)

Not sure how long you will be advised to wait before trying for a baby

The whole thing is very alarming and you are not being stupid at all for panicking. As a scientist and girly swot, my first response to a crisis is to read everything I can lay my hands on and I found the information pages on this website a very good place to start. 

Hi Julia9054,

Thank you for your reply and all the information!

I hadn't been sent anything about any procedure, my letter just said it was just a colposcopy and that it MAY result in a treatment if necessary! 
I hadn't mentally prepared for anything other than a biopsy (which was bad enough)! And that was only because my mum always had abnormal cells so always had a biopsy which was then clear.

I have read almost everything I can find on these pages but there isn't much about the laser treatment which is what I've elected for as I would like another baby and soon as I'm now 30.



Hello Hanz I had leep in September at my first colposcopy appointment. I had spoken to my gp and the staff at the hospital before hand as well as researching information on this website after being given the website address with my lab results so was fully informed before I had the procedure. My hospital provided me with the number if a clinical nurse specialist who was very supportive when I had questions about my treatment and recovery. I'm sure your hospital wouldn't mind if you contacted them to ask for more information on your case as they know your history. I think a lot of people struggle to take in the information at first and think of more questions afterwards. Hope this is helpful.