Colposcooyhi, new member here just hoping to ask a question

Hi new member here just hoping to ask a quick question.


I had a smear test in November 2019 during which some abnormal changes were found. 


In December i received a letter asking me to go for a colposcopy,  which i did. 


I had a lletz during the colposcopy and as i left the doctor reminded me to go to my gp in 6 months for a smear, so that would have been may time. 


This morning though i have received a letter asking me attend the colposcopy clinic in 6 days time... 


Is this normal? After being told just to attend for a repeat smear at my gp in may?


During my colposcopy in december it was found that i had moderate to severe cell changes.. 


Im worried that something more serious was found when my biopsy was examined and now im so worried about mondays appointment. 


Is it usual to be recalled for a second colposcopy when there hasnt been a smear done since my last one in december?


With the whole covid19 pandemic im aware that most hospital appointments have been cancelled except the most urgent ones, this is panicing me more. 


So is this a normal occurance or am i going to be told something bad?


Bare in mind its 4 months since my lletz & biopsy.


Can anyone offer advice from similar experience 

Hello if you look at my history below, you will see that I also had a second colposcopy for my test of cure and also that I am due a third one in June because of the discrepancy in my results.  The good thing about having your follow up screening at the colposcopy clinic as opposed to the gp surgery is that they can check more thoroughly to make sure there are no cell changes left and whilst it was also a source of worry for me I have now come to the conclusion that it is better to be seen more thoroughly; I think in my case my age may also be a factor as I am 55 & also I have always had clear smears up until 2019. You may also have to consider that the coronavirus situation may also mean that it is more practical for you to be seen at the clinic rather than your gp surgery who are probably restricting how many patients they see in person. Could you phone the clinic and explain your concern and ask why they want you to have a second colposcopy? I was assigned a CNS - clinical nurse specialist who is very good at answering my questions. I hope this is useful. I also posted a question on the ask the expert section of Jo's website which was very helpful. Take care of yourself