Colpo, cyst, bleeding


I am now booked in to have my colposcopy next week (17th) following an urgent referral from my GP after some post sex bleeding and the discovery of a cyst on my cervix.  Due to my history of bad smears and already having LEETZ at the age of 26 she doesn't want to take any chances.

I am terrified though, not for the colpo (as I have had 6 monthly ones since I was 21 thanks to bad smear results and due to living in Wales I had my first smear way earlier as they start them at 21 not 25) but more because I had a very invasive LEETZ when I was 26 after I got to CIN3 (nearly 18 months ago) after which at my 6 month follow up the consultant said he doubts he could do another LEETZ and my result had only gone back to CIN1?? 

Trying to tell myself not to worry as a lot of cervical cysts I am sure are normal but I worry what the next step would be, if he cant do LEETZ again, would it need to be a hysterectomy? :( I am almost 28 with no children yet and myself and my partner desperately want them...



Hi Ari,

I have no experience of repeated CIN yet myself, although my recent colp showed up a harmless cyst. However, I have a couple of clients who have told me their experiences, which are similar to yours.

Firstly, one of them has had repeated abnormal smear results and has been advised to start her family sooner rather than later, to prevent there being any future difficulties over the Lletz treatments. The second girl had an abnormal smear result, which was suspected CIN 3, although by the time she went to hospital for Colp, she had done a pregnancy test and was pregnant. At colposcopy they confirmed it was CIN 3 but decided to leave it there until she had had the baby. So, it just demonstrates that this is entirely possible to do in certain cases.

I'm not suggesting that this is in any way going to happen in your case - as we are all individuals, but I just wanted to reassure you that this happened to my friends.

I have also been reading that HPV can possibly be repressed by eating a healthy diet, containing lots of nutrients and dark green leafy vegetables, vitamin C, folic acid and reducing stress and increasing sleep and exersice, so I am personally trying to change my lifestyle to help boost my immune system and encourange the HPV into dormancy. It's worth a try :) xx

Hi Est941,


Thank you for your reply and taking the time to read my post.


It is reassuring to hear about the harmless cyst, I hope thats the result I get after next weeks colposcopy.  I would love to start a family, I feel ready myself, but my other half as much as he wants children, has said he wants to still wait a couple of years which I am beginning to worry about.  I am going to see if the consultant says anything at the appointment regarding it (as he will be with me) but at the same time I dont want to pressurise things.   It doesn't help everyone in my office seems to be having babies at the moment!! Its really making me quite down.

I have been a vegetarian for around 10 years now so I eat a lot of greens, I dont smoke or drink.  But I could definately do better on the sleep and stress front!  The HPV has disappeared once before (randomly didnt show up on one of my 6 monthly smears and colpos!) but came back on the one after that, so it can be pushed away if we try! :)


Good luck for your Colp appointment. As you say, maybe your partner will understand the bigger picture once he's been along to the appointment with you.

Keep in touch and let us know how you go on :) xx