I recently had a colposcopy my second one that came back abnornal/pre cancerous... so then they  sent me for a cone biospy last week, I have recoverd fine from it but really didnt get much information other than they saw abnormal results from colposcopy so they wanted to test further. So waiting it is now, which is of course the hardest part and now with the holidays who knows when I will get my results. 

I have read a lot to kinda understand what to expect depending on my results, So happy to find this website to get support from other women. I also read that a cone biospy can be both treatment and also to see the depth of the cancer, my gyno wasnt really clear so I am nervous. Blah.




I just replied to you on a different thread :)

can i ask how you find the cone procedure? 

Ive done a lot of research reading and speaking with a specialised nurse as I've had high grade 3 times now and I'm 24 :-/. To be honest I agree the hardest part so the waiting rather the treatments/procedures.

i hope you get your results soon and they are positive so you can enjoy xmas with everyone else. X