Colp results different to smear

Hi I'm 24 and i've recently had my first smear (April). My results came back as low grade dyskaryosis which I understand to be the eqivalent to mild changes (CIN1). However, my results from my biopsy that were taken have come back as CIN3. I am a little confused how they can be so different and what this now means for me?


The same happened to me, I had high risk HPV and mild changes on my smear but although I haven't got my results, the colposcopy lady said that it's more likely to be moderate-severe due to the colour changes on my cervix. She explained that the smear is merely and indication, as it only takes off the top layer of cells in the sample. If your results were mild then you might've been told that you wouldn't need treatment as our immune system can often correct mild changes by itself. Now you've been diagnosed with CIN3 you'll need treatment to get rid of the bad cells so that they don't turn into anything more serious a few years down the line. You'll probably need LLETZ, there's lots of posts on here about that procedure if you have a read but try not to worry about it, I think it's quite a straight forward procedure. Someone only posted the other day about their experience and it was a really informative post, she said not to worry anyway! Hope this helps xx

Hmm I guess. I was just confused because the woman that did my colposcopy said that there are mild changes but looks as my smear suggested by looking at my cervix yet my result comes out complete opposite. Surely CIN3 would be able to be seen at a colp as the changes to so severe?


I can see why you could be confused since the nurse said that. However, my understanding is that the biopsies are testing the depth of cells not the coverage amount. Which makes sense because the punch biopsy takes a cylindrical tube type of biopsy piece.

Having said that the extent of coverage on the cervix is an indication of what the depth will be i.e. what level of CIN.

I have read on this forum this happening before; either people going up or down in levels, and one explanation given was that the smear or biopsy was taken in a difference area of the cervix reflecting different results. Your colposcopy nurse would have taken the biopsies in the most affected areas because it was highlighted with the acetic acid. Not going in blind with the smear stick. The same is true when you go in for the next stage of treatment. The CIN level could still change. However, in my case it did not. I was also CIN3 and CIS.

I usually don’t encourage anyone to google this but if you are still confused google “Levels of CIN” pictures. The first few are very helpful.


Sorry to ask but can they tell at a colposcopy if it is cancer just a bit scared if so would they tell u ?x 


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