Colp prep

Hello ladies

I have my colp next week following high grade changes in smear. From reading this brilliant site it appears there's a reasonable chance I may have lletz at the same appointment. I was planning on driving to the hospital from work & I just read that another lady was advised that she could have had lletz there and then but they wanted to wait until she had someone with her. Would you guys advise to bring someone? I'm happy going on my own to be honest & the other half has a job interview the same day. I'm on a pill that means I don't have a period so would you suggest buying some pads for afterwards? I've not used them for years! Thank you. Lucy. >



Hello Lucy :)

I have my colp on Monday and I am taking my partner with me. They do recommend taking someone with you just incase you do have treatment. If you dont have anyone with you and you need treatment I think you have to go back another day when you have someone.

Do you have a close friend that could go with you?

Hi LB!

I had LLETZ at my colposcopy and although I was fine not having anyone with me - the nurses were lovely! - I wouldn't have wanted to drive home. I felt very weak and wobbly and wouldn't have enjoyed being behind the wheel. Have you got someone else who could give you a lift? 

It might be worth phoning the clilnic to find out whether or not they are likely to perform LLETZ there and then. Not all of them do.

Do take pads with you because the ones they will give you at the hospital are pretty chunky!

I hope it goes well for you!

Kirsty xx


Thanks ladies,

I don't like driving at the best of times so I think I'll ask my partner's mum to come with me just in case as we are close. I'd rather have treatment then and there if possible and there's no harm in having the support.

Thanks so much & best of luck to you both x

Good idea :), even if it's just so she can drive you home after and doesnt go into the room with you, at least someone is there.

When is your colposcopy? x

It's on 12th at [Name of Hospital]. Bit of a shame as it's our anniversary the following day & the other half has booked a nice meal out so hopefully I'll be feeling ok & up for it. The main thing is getting the lletz or biopsy as there will many an anniversary to follow once this is all sorted. I'll let everyone know how it goes. Lucy x

Make sure you take pads most hospitals provide some but they are the bulky old fashioned type that make you walk like john Wayne so you may want to take your own. Take some for heavy flow in case you bleed. I didn't bleed much after 1st lletz but bled more heavily after my second and had to go back in the chair for them to address the bleeding. You could also take some wet wipes/intimate wipes to clean up. 

I drove myself home down reasonably quiet roads for my first Lletz and was ok but after second Lletz I was quite lightheaded due to the position I was reclined back in the chair so I was glad my husband took me home.

Also might be worth  having some painkillers and a hot water bottle as I got horrid cramps like a bad period last time and found that really helped. 


Good luck 

I meant to say that you will need pads for about 2-4 weeks after as you will have a discharge/ bleeding. 


I went on my own and the nurses were amazing! I drove to the appointment and my car was parked at the furthest away point as I didnt know the hospital well.

I walked to the car and drove back to work and worked for a couple of hours but realised I probably shouldnt have went back to work as I did feel a bit weak.

But if you dont like driving I would take someone with you even if its just to drive :)

Good luck with your appt! :) x


I had mine last Wednesday. No treatment given just colposcopy and biopsy. I was really glad my mum was there as I just about fainted. I was able to drive but think just have someone there incase. Will help you to relax and put your mind at ease that there's someone who can drive if need be 


good luck xx 

Hi! I had a colposcopy and a mini lletz (as I like to call it) and got the bus into town and went straight to dinner at a restaurant. I think it affects everyone differently! I'd take someone with you though just in case. Plus it's boring to be waiting on your own! I didn't bring a pad but the nurse gave me one - it wouldn't matter either a way, you'd probably need to pick some up on your way home.