Colp. 3 Hours From Now.

I’m in Japan, so my instructions I guess are a little different. I wasn’t told to go ahead and take tylenol an hour beforehand (but I think I will anyway…not sure if that’s been in any way proven to work - has it for anyone here?), I was asked to stay in the office for an hour afterward, though I’m not clear whether it will be for some sort of result or other, or just to recover - to be honest, I was too panicked last week when the doc was telling me to really process it completely, and just asked not to take a bath afterward.

I’m anxious for the same reasons most ladies post here about, I guess. Worried it’ll turn out to be worse than originally reported. My Pap apparently turned up CIN3. My doctor didn’t tell me whether or not I had HPV infection, and I don’t know if she’s planning to test for it or not. It all just seems up in the air.

I’ve read horrible reports of pain about colposcopy, but then read tons of other reports about how it’s no worse than a Pap in terms of discomfort, so…hard to know what to believe. Only that I have to go in alone (my husband has to work), and I just hate that.

Just looking for a little support, is all, since I’m feeling pretty scared about the whole thing and what it might uncover.


i had my colposcopy and biopsy a few week ago and then a lletz tues all for cin3 I know how you feel, but the nerves are the worst part, both the biopsys and lletz were ok I had local anastetic and after felt noting of the whole lletz just a few period cramps. The waiting for the results is the hardest part. If you are having no treatment today just the colposcopy to look that is completely painless. Go with a list of questions you want answers because I was the same I knew nothing and when I got my questions answerd I felt better being more informed of what was going to happen, good luck. Sending you hugs and lots of support but you will be fine. X

Hi Elliebelly, I'm so sorry I didn't reply to you sooner, I wasn't notified about your comment! I think I may have to check my settings to make sure that doesn't happen again! I ended up having 3 biopsies done, and it was really uncomfortable and pinched pretty hard at a few points, but I made it out ok. :)

Right now I'm just concerned about bleeding. It's not heavy, but it's not exactly just a few spots here and there, either. I'm going to have to be super careful and make sure it doesn't turn into something worse over the next few days, I guess. My doctor told me virtually nothing about aftercare, so I've got to rely on forums like this to keep myself up with what I can expect! 

I did ask my doctor what she saw when she did the colp, but she had more or less nothing to tell me other than that she saw a few strange areas...I guess I'm just going to have to be satisfied with that until the 19th, when I'll be going in for the result and see what's next. Of course, I'm not satisfied at all, and am pretty terrified at what might come next! I guess that's to be expected, but it sure is hard!

Are you recovering well? Have you had much bleeding after your lletz? How are you feeling? I was told after my Pap results that I had CIN3 (can they tell that much just by a Pap test?), and that I might need a cone biopsy....Not sure how excited I am about that...Actually, I fear I might be in for hysterectomy, thanks to already having adenomyosis affecting my uterus. I guess that wouldn't be the worst thing, but...not looking forward to a major surgery.

Thanks again so much for taking the time to reply, and I hope you'll write back, saying how you're doing now! :)

Hi, I'm doing ok. After my biopsy I had 2, I bled  quite a bit but it only lasted a few days, after mine I was told not bath, sex, swimming or heavy lifting for 10 days and no tampons. I was told if it smells or bleeds where you are soaking a pad every 30 minutes go to my dr as it could be a infection. I'm doing ok after my lletz i had it for cin 3. If you do have the lletz is not as painful as the biopsy because of the local anastetic. the first needle is similar to the biopsy then after your numb so can't feel anything else just period cramps. I was told like you my smear results but nothing at my biopsy my dr said he doesn't like to guess and I would know when the results are back he also said the same with my lletz when I asked if it could be cancer he just said it could it could not. It's horrible waiting. from what you have said your bleeding sounds like mine was, so far iv had no ble from my lletz but I only had it 5 days ago and I have heard women say bleeding can start up to 3 week after the proceedure, I have seen a few women who had come biopsy for cin3 and some who had lletz, I wonder why they give diffrent treatment for the same thing. Hope your keeping well, plenty of rest if you can helps. :)