Colouring hair

I think this should really be in the post treatment forum but I thought if no one knew the answer one of you lovely ladies going through treatment currently could ask at the hospital for me. How cheeky am I!
My hair hasn’t been coloured since September and my son has just asked me if I’m going fir that dip dye look. My roots are sooooo bad.
I’m scared that I’ll go to the hairdresser (who is a friend but doesn’t know my story) and the colour won’t take, then I’ll have to either explain why or make up a story.
My hair is bleached and dyed. Does anyone know if the chemo will have affected my hair and whether the colour may not take.
If no one knows, could someone ask for me when they have their chemo please X
Thank you x x

I've been bleaching mine while I have had treatment!!

All has been fine. A few bits have snapped off but I bleach my hair once every 3 weeks so it does get abused some what! 

More than happy to ask tomorrow for you though? X

Hi Philleepa i am so glad you asked this I havent dyed mine in ages and noticed im going silver lol i got a fringe cut a few weeks ago and asked the hairdresser no one in the salon knew the answer which is worrying. I will ask too we will probably come back with different answers did your hair thin? I read my Chemo leaflet it said Cisplatin can cause Alopeca. Our kids know how to keep us humble lol xx

It will be interesting to see what happens if you both ask. I expect it will be the same as the treatment and everyone will be affected differently. 

Thank you both though. 

At first I thought my hair may have thinned but I think it was a combination of a new thick conditioner and cos I haven't had it cut for ages which made it feel floppy. 

I just keep it tied up now.



I coloured my hair during treatment and have carried on after and mine has been ok. I use a semi permanent colour every 4 weeks.

I had my hair cut about 4 weeks after treatment and never said anything to my hairdresser about what I had been going through (just wanted to feel normal for an hour and to talk about other things). I’ve always had thin hair and I haven’t really noticed any difference.

Mel x

I spoke to a nurse who said you are fine to have your hair done but would recommend a skin test of you are putting dye all over your head. 


Thank you x 


Now just to decide when to go x 

I never had any problems with colour not taking post Cisplatin :-) I've let it go natural now though and have been surprised to find how little grey there really is :-)

Hi Philleepa I asked about colouring hair they said its ok but to do the skin test first so really the same as Lozleypezz lol Good to here you are thinking about Beauty treatments you deservse it so much you will feel like a new woman. Lots of love xx

Lol, if you saw my hair you'd realise why I NEED the treatment.  It's like a pair of curtains at the moment. 

My 23 year old niece had her hair long cut into a short bob today. She is donating it so it can be made into wigs for cancer patients who lost their hair. She is amazing x 

Well it's time for those curttains to come down you can stop with the curtain twitching Mrs! What a lovely thing for your niece to do I bet you are so proud of her?? How did the face mask go you will be glowing or your skin pealng off lol xx