colostomy bag - advice please



I was diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer and I am coming to the end of my chemo and about to begin radiotherapy shortly. I noticed about 2/3 months ago after having stents (plastic tubes) put into my kidneys and bladder that my bladder would leak before I had chance to go to the toilet and this has progressively become worse over time to the point that I have barely any control over my bladder. It was discovers that my tumour had been leaning on my bladder and had begun to eat away at it, as the cancer is shrinking due to the treatment it has now moved away from my bladder but has left a hole. Which is the reason for my bladder leaking.


The problem is very embarrassing and extremely annoying as I have to constantly go to the toilet to ensure I haven't leaked and I am forever paranoid that I smell cus of it.  I had a consultant at the hospital the other day and mentioned the issue (which is when the hole was found) and it was mentioned that I could have a colostomy bag  (a bag that carrys the waste away from my body), I have two options: one that is inserted into me by my lady area or one that is surgically put through my stomach and collects the waste from my kidneys before hitting my bladder solving the issue with the leaking. I have discovered that my bladder should repair itself but it will take months to heal and I am looking to get back to work as soon as possible but this issue has thrown and spanner into the works.


My question is has anyone else had to have this type of thing done before and if so how did it make you feel? I hate needles and anything like this makes me extremely uncomfortable! I am also scarred from my last operation on my kidneys as it was done with my anisthetic at all and I felt everything so I really really don't want to do anything unless it is going to really benifit me in any way.


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Hi Carmel,

I am so sorry to read what a tough time you are having. I have no experience similar to yours so cannot offer any real advice but I think that if I were in your shoes right now I'd go down the external bag route to give your bladder a rest which will hopefully help to allow it to repair itself more quickly. It also sounds rather less invasive than the internal bag.

Sorry I can't be more help than that.
Be lucky :-)


Sorry I have no experience but I agree with Tivoli, if it were me.

Hope you're being kind to yourself sounds like you've had loads to deal with.

Clare xxx