Colospy concerns

Hi everyone 


I have my colopspy appointment on Friday which I am very scared nervous and worried about :( I have posted a couple of messages on here and there really is some lovely people on here thank you all so much :) 


I'm just wondering though what sort of questions do they ask you at the colopspy? Ie do they ask you about partners or sexual stuff or if you are on the pill for a long period of time? I have been on the pill for quite some time I'm just wondering would they ask questions about this and also about any family history regarding cancer or problems in lady areas :) plus also any advice on what actually happens at colopspy I would be so grateful for as I have been reading up on it but am so confused as what happens if they do find something and if they do treatment there and then :( I've never had any treatment in my life on my body only my teeth lol so this is all completely scary stuff for me :( im so scared and afraid and really am unsure what to expect on Friday :( 


Many thanks 

Lots of love Traka xx 

Hello I had mine last week , they don't ask any questions about sexual partners or any thing like that all she asked me was when my last period was and asked if I was on the pill and if I smoked. I had treatment there and then. i wouldn't say it hurt its just a strange feeling not going to lie kinda hurt when they numb you But other than that no different to a smear test. Good luck for friday hope every things goes well x 

My experience was exactly the same as the other person who has commented.... 

It doesnt hurt, it's just a bizarre feeling... But over with very quickly...

asked exactly the same questions, and told me off for smoking, which was a wake up call that I needed, 

 now given up, for nearly 5 months. 

The whole experience has scared me and made me realise life is too preciouS...

i hope it's all okay for you, which I am sure it will be.