Coloscopy what next?

Had the Lletz procedure done today and biopsies taken. A smear is nothing compared to this…so sore and uncomfortable! Pain is quite bad 2nite and severe tiredness ( but have had the tiredness for last few months now). Have a further hysteroscopy appointment in 4 weeks time but i take it i wud get results of this one first? Anyone had a hysteroscopy appointment and what do they do there?

Hi there. I had a hysteroscopy after a colposcopy. It was more painful that the colposcopy (in my opinion) but i didn't have Lletz with my colposcopy as i had an area of my cervix cauterised and punch biopsy taken. They go further up into the womb with the hysteroscopy and although I had a local anasthetic, i just didn't tolerate it well so they had to stop. They were still able to get a biopsy and it all turned out fine. Are you having yours awake?