Coloscopy, lletz not so bad

I've just returned from having my lletz treatment done and thought I'd take the time to write about my experience in case others are in the same boat worrying like I was. 

Smear- cant find cervix

I had my first smear test in my early 20s and it took around 3 attempts to find my cervix. I found the whole thing quote traumatic. When I went for another at 24 the same thing happened. When I moved house and didn't receive a letter inviting me for a smear I didn't chase it as felt so scarred. I booked in for my smear 6 years later so 3 years overdue and was petrified. The nurse couldn't find my cervix despite trying on a few occasions and so called the doc in who also couldn't locate and asked me to come back. I nearly didn't but did and thankfully it as found "at a 2 o'clock angle" so now I know and can point straight to it. Don't be afraid to ask where it is- people have them in diff places! 

it came back with high risk hpv and low grade changes and I was invited in for a coloscopy.


I had a panic attack after getting the letter, was completely fraught  worry. I actually started to imagine pains across my body and lumps which I thought were cancer. I got obsessed with googling and now with hindsight this is normal but not helpful. please be careful about what you read and believe. This site will provide you with all the information you need in a sensible and sensitive manner. 

because of my experience with smear I was totally panicked. in fact the coloscopy and biopsy was absolutely fine with just a short sharp pain. It was nothing like I built it up to be. I experienced some spotting after but nothing worse.

until I got the results I was convinced it was cancer . It was Cin11. Getting the result was the biggest relief as I knew then what I was dealing with.


ive just got back from the hospital after having my lletz.i worried about it but the actual procedure was fine. The nurse explained what would happen. Anaesthetic and then incision. i brought an iPod and blasted music for the whole thing with my eyes closed and it really helped. It was all over before I knew it. Didnt feel a thing. If scared i would really recommend taking in music. The nurse also said she thought it was a great idea.


in short I worried, worried, worried myself about the coloscopy and lletz and they were fine. Obviously I haven't had results back so some way to go. This whole thing has however made my re-evaluate my diet, exercise routine and stress levels at work. All things that weren't great before I now realise.


others will be worried as I was but just a short note to easy if worried about coloscopy or lletz - please don't be. It can be better than you expect...