Coloscopy coming up and very very anxious

Hi ladies
I’ve posted on here before however I’m having more symptoms that I’m so worried about…I’ve been having pelvic pains for a whole accompanied by liwer back pain pain down leg…and now I’m getting dull pain in arms and chest…I go to ly gp but because he knows I suffer from anxiety I think he thinks it’s all in my head which I know it isnt…I’ve had 4 transvaginal ultrasounds and 3 normal ultrasounds however nothing was picked up apart from a bit of free fluid in pelvis…my pelvuc pains are getting worst but the back pain has kind of eased off a little but still their. …I had my smear on the 17th November and prior to that I only had pelvic pain …on the 18th my mum told me mu dad had testicular cancer (luckily it was caught on time) however since then that’s when all the other symptoms were coming in and Ivery been on Google loads too…my smear ce back borderline hpv detected but I’m so worried as I’ve read so may stories of smears being inaccurate
I’ve had 3 full blood count tests amongst other test and everything seems ok
Please help


17.11.2015 …smear test
28.11.2915…borderline changes HPV detected

Hi Sarah, 

I was on the same boat as you 10 weeks ago mild changes and HR hpv. I had a colposcopy and biopsy done on the 28th of October. I know everyone is different but try not to worry too much:-)

All the best!

Thanks Tina 

I am trying so hard not too but it's so difficult x