Coloscopy Appointment

Hi all

I am 24 i recently went for my first smear test on the 5th Feb i recieved my results back on the 18th Feb which came back as Highly Abnormal cells and i would need to go for a Coloscopy I have never been so scared in all my life actually broke down in tears thinking i had cancer and broke down in tears after finding this website i felt so much better straight away and realised its not so abnormal for people to recieve the same result as myself. I have since recieved my appointment and go in for my coloscopy on Thurdsay 26th Feb which i thought was quick.

I am really nervous going to have this done as i have read in other forums people my age have been and been told at the appointment it isnt cancer however when results have been recieved it is cancer i have also been googling symptoms which i know will only make me feel worse

Any advice would be amazing if anyone who has already been for a colopscopy could advise me on what excatly happens ect


Thank you


Hi! I was exactly like you, first smear and was not expecting an abnormal result at all! I cried for about 2 days and couldn't stop googling (bad idea!). Like you my appointment was very quick (I got the results 5 days after my smear and the colposcopy was booked for the following week). I was a nervous wreck by the time I went in (having to wait over an hour after my appointment time didn't help!) but honestly it wasn't that bad. My consultant and the nurse there weren't very friendly but even with that added stress I still managed to hold it together! It's similar to a smear, but you lie down on a couch with these special rests for your legs so you end up in a very undignified position and there's a camera focused on your bits (I found this funny to be honest, a magnified image of your fanny is a strange thing to see!). Then the doctor inserted a speculum like with a normal smear and dabbed some fluid onto my cervix (felt cold but not painful). Then he could see some abnormal areas and decided to take a biopsy using local anaesthetic. The injection felt like a quick pain but then I felt nothing, they put a sticky pad on my leg and turned on this noisy machine then within 30 seconds they had finished. I was given privacy to get dressed and the nurse gave me a pad. The doctor said it was likely I'd need treatment but they wanted to make absolutely sure before they went cutting more bits off my cervix! I was very worried but he reassured me it was very common and it would take "maybe 10 years" for this to become cancer. I received my biopsy results in 2 weeks and I've got a LLETZ on the 2nd March. 


I know it's hard but try not to read horror stories. My boyfriend gave me some good advice and said the only reason there are so many bad experiences is because most people who have these types of abnormalities get treated and are fine and have no need to post their story on the Internet. It's a very small minority you read about :)  best of luck, you'll be fine! 

Hiya just wanted to say good luck with your colposcopy. I'm 28 and I just went for mine on Monday after my smear showed low grade dyskaryosis and HPV. I was also in bits when I got the letter and at the colposcopy. It wasn't very nice but it was over in like 10 minutes and the pain only lasted a couple of days; I'm currently waiting for biopsy results which should take a month or more! The only advice I can give you is keep busy, you don't have long to wait, write down questions you want to ask the nurse, bring some painkillers and pads and your favourite chocolate and bring your mum or your best friend! Don't google anymore it will only make you more anxious. Good luck sending hugs xxx


Thank you so much for your advice and your reply im just throwing myself into work to pass the days Thursday will be here before i know it and hopfully i will be further forward with answers i am most definatly keeping away from google and looking at symptoms ect bad idea lol i will let you all know how i get on thank you :) xx


thank you so much for your reply this website has made me feel a lot at ease realising there is more people out there going through the same as myself thanks for advising me on what is carried out i will let you all know how i get on

Thanks again xx