Coloscopy and treatment done - waiting game and worried

Hi i am 24 and I had my first smear test done this year, My results came back through the post Friday 8th January 2016 to let me know that i have high rate dyskaryosis and had to have a coloscopy done i was back in to have my coloscopy done Monday 11th January 2016. I had them removed and also a biopsy has been taken of which i will find out in the next 4 weeks. I am really scared and i dont know if i need to be. Im bleeding alot now and have watery discharge that smells a little is this normal after having my treatment only 2 days ago? Have i to worry about the biopsy? will my abnormal cells come back?


i know how you feel as I went through the same thing a few years ago. In my case it took a good few weeks to heal and I had similar experience. Just give yourself time and take it easy.

The hard part is the waiting and not really knowing much about it. As my consultant says the main thing is they have spotted it and can treat you. Turns out their are lots of stages and treatments so fingers crossed its good news x