Colopsy today.

Morning all.
Iv got my colopsy today. Well this afternoon and I thought I was doing OK but I’m sat at home trying not to worry.
Between tears and feeling so alone.
I just want to talk about my fears and and possible what ifs.
Without sounding like a drama queen or attention seeking.


A colposcopy does not have to be a terrible thing - and it actually can be a relief if the result is that everything is okay. A colposcopy can tell your medical team far more than a smear can. I’m sure you’ve been given a leaflet about it. The chances are the worst that will happen will be the taking of biopsy material (feels like a little snip) - I won’t say it’s nice, but it’s over in a moment. You can survive it! Make sure that you tell the colposcopist that you’re really nervous and scared and don’t know what to expect. Sometimes they don’t realise how frightened we can be. As to the what ifs… best to face them when they come. If they need to do anything further, any treatment, you’ll be written to about it. If they offer you treatment there and then (normally called LLETZ) you can say no, I’m not ready for that - I would like a separate appointment. Don’t panic - for all know everything will be fine and you can be reassured. Take care. X

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Thank you.
All done. Phew.
Abnormal cells all over my cervix and up the walls. There was a 2 white lumps 2 but she said not to worry about them but they would take some biopsy. Did 3 punch ones. First one hurt, really felt it.
But said I’d get results in 2-3 weeks…

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Let’s hope you do get the results quickly. Many women say the waiting feels like the most difficult thing to handle about these tests. Fingers crossed for you! X

Hi Chunli, believe me when I say I know exactly how you feel.

I had to wait ages for my first colposcopy. Was called in January and didn’t get seen until late July.

After 2-3 weeks I got my biopsy results that stated I needed further treatment. Fortunately my LLETZ wasn’t as long a wait, I was seen at the end of August for that. So, if it reassures you in any way, I imagine if you do need further treatment you will be seen quickly Vs any waiting you’ve done so far.

You’re not a drama queen at all. We’ve ALL been where you are. This is what we’re here for, to seek assurance from others and give it out once we’re further along in this awful journey. Take care x

I feel just the same, it’s all very surreal. I’ll be glad when my Gynae 2 week outpatient apt is over. Hugs X

It feels very drawn out and wait after wait.
I’m currently on a 4 week again to see what comes back this time.