Colopsopy this weds

Hello im new here but just feel the need to post as im so scared.
I had a smear on 23rd oct …never missed a smear and always had normal results. I got a call last week to say i am
HPV positive and high grade (severe) dyskaryosi.
I have been with my hubby for over 30 yrs and to get this result is so confusing.
I am post menopausal with no signs that anything was wrong.
I am booked in this wed 23rd for a colopsopy. Im so scared this is going to be cc. I know reading on here that this is a very common fear and often all turns out ok. I am making myself sick with worry.
I just want weds to get here so i know what i may be up against.
Thank you for taking the time to read my post.
Love to all x

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I think we all fear the worst when we have to go in for further treatment - it’s human nature I think. I had a colposcopy after abnormal cells were found as well as HPV at my smear test, and a biopsy was taken. I then had to go back last Monday for a LLETZ. Both procedures were not painful - I’d say a little uncomfortable. The nurses were absolutely lovely - friendly, professional, took time to explain everything and did everything to put me at ease. I’ve been through the menopause and from I understand the menopause can cause your immune system to dip - and the virus can have been dormant for years and will re-emerge (a bit like the shingles virus). Two more sleeps to go before your colposcopy … I kept reminding myself how lucky we are to have these tests and for things to be picked up early! Really hope it goes well for you.


Thank you so much for reading and replying.
So sorry to hear your going through this too.
Its true we all think the worst and i just need to keep telling myself by weds afternoon i will have a bit of a better understanding of whats going on / happen next.
I really hope all goes well for you please keep me updated.

You’re welcome … not long now. Maybe jot down a few questions to ask while you’re there because it’s easy to forget once you’re actually in the appointment. Thanks for your thoughts … I’ll let you know when I get the results - and good luck for Wednesday!

Hi jo i hope your well
Just wondered if you have had your results back ?
Im 3 weeks wait this weds coming and its true what everyone says the waiting is the worst. It is driving me crazy but im trying to keep busy and stay positive.
Sending good vibes!

Hi, did you get your results? Had the same smear results but still waiting for the biopsie results

Hi Florina
Yes i got my results it came back as cin1 in the end so that was a relief. I have to go for a smear in may. I rang the hospital at 4 weeks as the waiting was too much. They said the letter was sent out the previous week but i still havent received my letter. They read my results to me over the phone. My gp had a copy of my letter but as it was a discharge letter they didnt call me.
I hope you get your results soon as i know how it feels to wait and wait ! When you get to 4 weeks try calling the hospital or gp.