Colopscopy Results waiting times advice please xx

Hi everyone i had my colopscopy an biopsys 4 weeks Monday past i opted for a Lletz on the same day as im new to all this an was afraid of the minor changes in my cells turning worse over time i also have HPV so iv had them removed but have this dark cloud of the biopsies over my head just want some advice on how long it takes my consultant did say 4 to 6 weeks an that iv nothing to be worried about as what she took away was very minor but regardless i worry i have 2 kids an this all has really scared me any advice be great thanks xxx

I was had abnormal smear and hpv got letter on New Year’s Eve .went for caloscopy on 3rd January but during procedure they found I had a prolapse and couldn’t carry on .i then was booked in and put to sleep on the 31st January for lletz procedure they said I will hear back from histology in 4 weeks its now 10 weeks yesterday I’ve been so anxious my doc has sent a letter by email a week ago asking for the results the waiting is the hardest im trying to stay positive

Thanks so much for the reply @Noahkhan mine is 7weeks now monday past :see_no_evil:i rang an asked my doctor had she received anything lastweek she said she hadnt so im just waiting an waiting its an awful anxuous feeling to have its horrible but comfortable to know im not the only one going through it xx

@Noahkhan did you get your results yet im still waiting :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::roll_eyes:xx

No I haven’t it’s 12 weeks now went to docs she sent them a email 2 weeks ago still heard nothing the waiting is the worse x she sent a referral for my prolapse same time and I got an appointment a week later for June so don’t know what’s happening how you doing x

I think the waiting time for results is absolutely unacceptable. It’s such an anxious feeling, not knowing what the results will be. I wish they would hurry up and put us out of our misery.

@Noahkhan thats awful mines 8 weeks almost 9 an the worrying is the worst i keep trying to focus on other things but i cant all this stress an waiting cant be good for anyone xx

@Jenna27 its so awful how long are you waiting? Id like to say no news is good news but my smear was 20 weeks an i had minor changes with HPV an only that i chased an chased for them id prob still not have them i just dont want the anxiety of having to chase these either :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:xx