Colopscopy and lletz results

Hi ladies got my results from lletz today and no abnormalities and check up again in 6 months, started off with hpv in feb from my over due(7 years smear) had the colopscopy and waited 4 weeks and results were cin111 and had lletz done and rang clinic today(almost 4 weeks) and they had the results and would send them in post today so instead I drove in and collected them as it's a Friday and the results are " no abnormality" and hpv and DNA test to ensure that all had returned to normal in 6 months time, anyone waiting for results hope they come back good I know how hard the waiting is wishing all you ladies the best of everything will keep you all in my prayers xxxx back now to concentrate on my wedding in October 

Great news!

Thanks Tigger82 xxx

thats amazing news :) such a long time to wait tho, I wish it was quicker, i had lletz 10 days ago, not sure if i bleed much at the start as my period came 2 days after lletz, i actually called nhs24 on tuesday for advice because i couldnt get a dr appointment, I was sure I had an infection as i was getting (sorry tmi) the black foul smelling discharge but the nurse assured me it would be ok, its gone now and i have a small amount of light pink blood for the last 2 days.


when I had my smear the nusrse said everything looked ok and my cervix was nice and pink, when i went for colop the nurse said my results came back as severe and when she was doing colop she said "oh the cells are inside the cervix" does anyone know what that means? when she was doing the lletz she said "i dont want to take too much as u havent had children" i wish I had asked these questions at the time :( x

I had all that too was really smelly and then my back was so bad I couldn't move I went to the doc and got a kidney infection(never had one before) and got antibiotics and the following week got a lung infection, finished all the antibiotics think I was just run down with the worry, all the discharge has stopped now with a week thank god, some of my cells were inside too so try not to worry,   and now suffering with pains in all my muscles in my back, arms legs like I did 50 hours in the gym, I'm finding it hard to sleep and still suffering, 


Great news!

I am still waiting for results of my Lleitz on 27th April!! 

The bleeding I previously mentioned  has stopped. Saw the GP who said it was my period!! 

felt really silly and told him I had had a period 2 weeks previous! 

He explained that was possibly just heavy bleeding after the procedure and that Lleitz can actually delay your period by 4 to 6 weeks. 

Hoping for my results soon. They said 4 to 6 weeks! 

I am also getting married this year.  In just over 8 weeks!! 

Glad you can relax now and enjoy planning your wedding. 


Smear November 2016

December 2016 smear results HPV and abnormal cells

Colposcopy January 2017. Thought to be low grade cells 

Results Feb 2017 Cin2 / 3

Lletz April 2017 ( Had to wait as had other surgery and was v unwell for 8 weeks!! )

Still awaiting results!! 

Thanks fantastic news Mandy...!! Very happy for you xxx

Fudge i would ring the clinic they might have them like they did with mine the waiting is so hard, don't feel one bit silly sure how were u meant to know, it's so hard cos you would be afraid of everything, and no one seems to get the same effects after it depends on everyone body were all different and I think to put ur mind at ease you were right to go to the doctor, aww bless u 8 weeks what a horrible thing u had to go through on top of trying to organise your wedding hopefully you will have the results next week and all will be good and systems go for the wedding, please keep me updated xxxxx 

Hi bekah how are u doing been thinking of u the last few days ??? 

Hi Mandy, I'm not doing so good... Still not able to sleep and feel like I have fallen apart... I have got my MRI scan tomorrow for the lumps up my nose and on my vocal cord... I just have everything crossed that they are not cancerous... On the plus side LLETZ done under GA not much blood or pain so that's all good... I am now just praying that I get the all clear... However with all my symptoms I'm not feeling to hopeful... I am so happy with your great news though... How are you going to celebrate..?? xxx

Bekah hope the MRI goes ok for you today, remembe if my self convinced there was something wrong with me too it's funny the way our mind plays with us, i think u should talk to your doctor and maybe get something to help you sleep it's going on too long now, will be thinking of u tomorrow and hopefully it will be nothing, glad you have the lletz over you now and hopefully you will heal very quick xxx

Thats brilliant news Mandy, I'm still waiting for mine although mine wasn't done until the 18th. Its the not knowing that does my head in. I might call them although it does say on the letter they give to wait 4-6 weeks but it's like a lifetime away!!



Hi juggsy they had mine for a week the receptionist was off for the 3rd week on holidays so I would of got them sooner, mine was done on the 9th i was delighted I rang I couldn't take the wait any more and I said to myself the worst they can say is sorry there not back yet it's worth a try the waiting is terrible, buzz them in the morning and see it can't do no harm and if they have them it will put a push on them to post them out let me know how u get on fingers and toes crossed the waiting will be at an end for you now xxx 

Juggsys any results? 

Hi all! I had abnormal smear , but in my letter says only Dyskaryosis - no grade or anything else.And same day receive letter for app for colposcopy.So my colposcopy was on the 13.06.2017 .I asked why I have no grade or more info, why it's just Dyskaryosis and she said that there is no grade here so they have to do colposcopy and LLETZ same morning.All fine but now I'm waiting on results and the more days passing the most scary I am.Is that cancer????

In the leflet they gave me is says that Loop Diathermy is not treatment of choise for cancer and this is not cancer , but this is only general leflet.

So I can't wait , I'm so worried!!!

Hi ladies just wondering how all ur results went xxx