Colonoscopy examination

Hi all,

I’m having a colonoscopy examination on Monday. I have had smelly discharge for about 4 weeks and it is browny, sometimes I feel like I am wetting myself there is so much!

After reading up on cervical cancer it mentions bleeding which I have also had a bit of and it is uncomfortable having sex for a few years (this is since having children so I could just be reading google and think I have all the symptoms like you do!) 

I have also had a pain in one of my legs for a few weeks, it started around my bum/hip and has now moved to my knee and shin but only really hurts when sitting down. 

Because of my smelly discharge I have been tested for vaginal infection, the results came back today normal. I also had a smear the same day. I told the doctor I could feel a lump inside me and she could feel the same which is why she has sent me for a colonoscopy. Smear results were going to take a month so she said it would be beat to have a camera as this would be sooner - bit worrying!

I suppose what I’m asking is has anyone else had these symptoms and what was the outcome? 
obviously I think I have cancer and would rather know sooner rather than later if this is the case. It says in my appointment letter that if they have to do a biopsy results will take up to 4 weeks which is ages! 

Any opinions would be great, I know your not doctors!!