Can your husband be with you if you need treatment?
I have extreme anxiety unfortunately, so thinking if they need to do anything it’ll help having him beside me.
Every time i have a colposcopy i get very stressed and tearful.

Hi! Yes, you are definitely allowed someone in the room with you, but I believe they just can’t wait in the recovery room after if you have a biopsy :slight_smile: I think they normally ask you to wait 15 mins after a biopsy before you go home.

What if i have to have treatment, can they still be with me? X

Yes, they can :blush: they just aren’t allowed in the recovery room because there’s other people recovering in there, that’s what I was told when I had my lletz. My partner came in with me for the procedure.

I’m not sure if it’s the same everywhere and it might be dependant on the Dr. It may be worth calling to make sure. I’d be surprised if they didn’t let you, especially if you’re getting a lot of anxiety. I’ve also seen a lot of people on here saying people came in with them :blush:

Have you really seen that on here?
I just can’t stop thinking about the changes so soon after lletz. Im scared of what they’ll find.
It cant be good if changes are there
I might ring Monday morning.
Thsnkyou for being so helpful x

Yes, and they let me bring in my partner too :blush:I know, but try to remember that if they do find anything, they can treat it. I know it’s difficult given what we’ve already been through, but you’re in the right hands. I really do hope all goes well for you x

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Thankyou lucy.
You really have been a huge help.
You have put up with my questions, my worry and everything else .

I will let you know x