colitis after radical hysterectomy

Hi everyone

I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful weather :))

My recovery is going well but i have had bowel problems since my op. Firstly the expected but horrendous constipation but my bowel has never really been the same to be honest:((

After ruling out reoccurance with my consultant, my GP has done tests and i have been diagnosed with colitis and need a colonoscopy to confirm treatment. (As if my bits havn't been meddled with enough!! )

What I would like to ask you ladies is has anyone else found this issue after surgery?

I understand it is a very common complaint for ladies who have had chemoradiation:(( How do you ladies cope and what treatment may i be facing??

My GP says it is not connected to my surgery but its most certainly since then i have had bowel issues which i had never experienced pre op.

Thankyou in advance for your help - I have googled btw :(

Best wishes to all

Kath xx

Hi Kath,

sorry to read this, you poor thing!

well I don't know about colitis but I certainly have had trouble with my bowel since my surgery, so I think your GP is mistaken.

In my case, it's ongoing constipation despite a diet high in whole grains, fruit n veg and plenty of water. I sometimes take a stool softener, but I'm reluctant to do it all the time.

Anyhow, hope you get to the bottom of this soon (soz) and that the treatment isn't too grim. 

Best of British luck, m'dear x

Hi Kath, 

I was stunned to read your post because I think that I have colitis as well!! I assumed I'd be on my own with this. I have all the symptoms and have had the tests and am just waiting for the results at the moment. Like you, my bowel has never been the same since the op, and having pretty much got over the constipation issues and difficulties, complained about the pain and told I've got particularly bad irritable bowel syndrome and given a presciption for 120 Buscopan, I now find myself exhausted from my bowel not being able to hang on to anything and getting a lot of pain with it. I often have to run to the loo and there have been several times in the last couple of months where if I'd been a few seconds later getting to the toilet, I would have lost control of my bowels. Such a horrible feeling and it makes you feel really vulnerable doesn't it! 

I know that technically they say it's not related to the cancer or the surgery but it's one hell of a coincidence if you ask me! It certainly feels to me that it's got something to do with it - one thing that did occur to me is the theory that colitis is sometimes triggered by extreme stress, so perhaps it's related to the cancer/surgery in the sense that it's an extremely stressful situation to be in not only emotionally, but clinically the stress to the body is enormous as well, and as the bowel gets shifted about a lot and obviously is in a different position after surgery, maybe the stress is directed towards that area. I don't know - I'm very loosely theorising but like you, I don't believe this is coincidence. 

Keep me updated my love, and I'll do the same! 

Much love, 

Annabel. xxx




Thanks Ladies and sorry you are both still suffering too :(

I am still a bit in shock to be honest as when i went to my GP i thought he would just tell me its normal for your bowel to need time to recover and send me on my way.....

My symptoms are classic ulcerative colitis apparently according to my GP caused my an autoimmune reaction. A stool sample has confirmed inflammation of bowel but colposcopy will confirm type of colitis i have:((

I had a horrible time (same as lots of ladies) with constipation post op and at one point was in so much pain i was given a phosphate enema?? Was probably the lowest point for me:( felt miserable, in pain and completely degraded:(

I have to say the staff were amazing and kind but theres no way you can have thatprocedure  and not feel degraded in my opinion.

I just cannot help wondering if that treatment has irritated my bowel, so maybe not the op directly but other issues related to it. I agree also Annabel about stress - my toilet habits became a focus of every day and many times tried to laugh about it but it has made me stressed. I cannot be far from a toilet and sometimes the pain is so bad i think i could faint.

I try not to make a fuss in company as its so embarressing so Thankyou ladies for making me feel I am not alone:)Hopefully soon I will have a treatment sorted and the dreaded colonosopy will be behind me !! ( literally)   Kath xx

Oh yes, I remember being referred to the out of hours minor injuries unit in my town and begging for an enema a week or two after surgery. I also vividly remember being examined by a (very kind) male doctor with the biggest hands in the world - ouch!

He popped two of those chemical enemas up me and sent me home, telling me to expect everything to shift in 20 minutes. It was painful as it works by irritating the bowel to make it spasm and force otu the blockage. Still, I'd have done anything to get some relief by then. Unfortunately all I got was an explosion and a rabbit pellet!

These days it's more random constipation - one day I'll be fine, the next I'm bunged up. If I then take something, it can take me too far the other way and I'm doing the 'Machu Pichu two-step' to get to the loo in time, but I really don't want to end up with piles or a prolapse from too much straining.

Stress is definitely a factor in IBS and I think it's no unreasonable to draw a connection here. As well as your medical help, maybe some relaxation therapy would help? I've certainly found it helpful.

Good luck both and let's hope it can be resolved soon. x