Cold Knife Cone


Sooo I finally have a confirmed date for my cold knife cone...11th June. 

I haven't been able to find a whole lot of information on this and what I have found doesn't fit with what I have been told by my consultant.  He advised I would be in for at least 24 hours with a catheter and wadding (fun!)   I have been advised I will need three weeks off work.  Other people seem to have have had this as a day case and it hasn't sounded half as hairy!

Could this be because the area for removal is large - this is to treat CGIN and he has told me on several occasions I have a very large cervix....:(

Has anyone had any experience of this procedure? How was it for you?



I had a large cone biopsy back in January. I just about managed without a catheter although I did have complications. Yes I would definitely agree with 3weeks off. You are comparing the cone to ladies who have lettz under local anesthetic....which are very different. 

My advice would be to go prepared for an overnight stay although this is not the case. Book the time off work for after...and don't schedule any busy day trips for two/ three weeks after ( all day shopping ect).


Best wishes,



Thanks Michelle, it so puts my mind at rest to hear from a person who has had it done! Congratulations on your all clear x

Hi Jane, 

Thank you. Not many people on here have had a cone so felt the need to comment. I also had Lettz prior to the cone like you hence the three weeks rest.

Best of luck with the procedure,