Cold knife cone biopsy

HI everyone,


ive been back from hospital nearly a week now and I wanted to post about my surgery as after my diagnosis I couldn't find much about the surgery I had. My consultant suggested a cone biopsy after my llietz results as the area of my cervix effected by the cancer was small (thankfully!). I had a 'cold knife cone biopsy' Tuesday morning at 9am (luckily I was the first one on the list) and I was back home by 4pm with my husband to be looking after me. The aftermath from the anaesthetic was worse for me in the first couple of days and now it's just like after my llietz, cramping aches and the usual bleeding. Overall not as bad as I was expecting. I had a few day off and I was back to my lovely class today.  I was very grateful to of met a lovely lady who I met at 7.30 am waiting outside the ward terrified. She put me at ease by chatting away and she had the same background as me, same diagnosis same procedures/operations and she is now cancer free and trying for a baby! I wanted to share my experience I case anybody was as worried/anxious as me before hand. I've been given an appointment for my results on 11/11 and hopefully after that I can go back to normal except for 6 monthly smears.


Thank u, Hannah. I have a Cold Knife Cone coming up and am super nervous. How long were u in the OR? How long in recovery? 

Hi Nikki,

i was was really nervous but it wasnt too bad. I went in to the OR at 9.10 and I came round from my anaesthetic about 10am. I was in recovery for half an hour and then wheeled to my room to rest. I was allowed to go home after having something to eat and drink and going the loo but as I take a while to come out of anaesthetic it took me a few hours but I was home by 3 which wasn't too bad. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask I'm just glad I can help someone :-) 


Hannah xx