Cold Coagulation


Finally got my results letter through some time after my appointment letter and it says I am going to be having cold coagulation…

Has anyone had this?! Seems like LLETZ is spoken about a lot on here but I don’t see much about cold coagulation?!

Would appreciate any feedback, trying not to google too much!

Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi Sarah,

i have had the cold coagulation treatment. This was for a cervical erosion, that I have had nothing but trouble with.

the treatment was done under a local anaesthetic. That was the only painful bit (slightly stung) and apart from that no pain at all. 

Even though it's called a cold coagulation, I could feel heat. They simply burn/seal the areas of your cervix, to stop bleeding, and this area then heals.

I hope this helps you at all?! :)


Amy xxx


I have just been told I have to have this done!! She couldn't tell me the results over the phone just what treatment. Maybe it is just cervical erosion as I did have inflammation? How was the cold coagulation?

Charlene x