cold coagulation...


So, I have been reading on here for a couple of months but looking for a bit of advice really.

My wee story goes back about 13 months now, I had my ususal smear which came back as needing to go for colcoscopy. When I went everything was okay, he took a biospy and told me that my cervix was an unusual shape (he used the word puckered?) but other than that it was fine. Results came back borderline so just arranged a smear for 6 months later. Got an appointment for about 7 months after, back for a smear, I wasnt feeling to badly as the biospy had came back ok. It was another consultant that done the smear, she said everything looked fine and to wait on results - all fine, I wasnt worried at all.

Results came in 4 weeks later, I had changes and needed to go for treatment - needless to say I wasnt expecting this. I went to the clinic for my appointment, first consultant I had seen was seeing me again. I walked in, he didnt sit me down or anything just stood and said there had been severe changes (I later phoned my gp and was told it was severe high grade dyskaryosis) and depending on the size of area would need to perform the loop or cold coagulation - queue the uncontrolable shaking, I wasnt expecting this at all. He went in with 4 different speculums, decided he was going with cold coagulation, had 2 different big sticks, was at it for what seemed like half an hour. After the treatmeant he said there is 5% of people that this doesnt work and it can reoccur and said I could fall into this as the area was so big??? When I left I had the worst cramp I have ever experienced and was so sick that night.

This was 2 weeks ago and I have been bleeding constantly since, my lower back is killing me and the cramps set in now and again. One morning I woke up covered in blood as the pad was saturated (sorry for the graphic details) I phoned the hospital in a panic and they said because I had a wee cough that this has probably made the bleeding worse, makes sense I suppose, but it is not letting up at all, Im getting married in 3 weeks and im terrified of this bleeding, in a white dress. Did anyone bleed for this long after the procedure? Im just in a panic now how it went from nothing to severe high grade dyskaryosis in a matter of 7 months!

I know this is no where near as bad as a lot of the ladies on here but my wee mind is racing ahead of me and just wondered if anyone had experienced similar?

Thank you xx

Hi. It does sound that your consultant gave you very little information which always makes me rather angry. They also keep on using different words to make things more confusing. It does sound like you had treatment to remove cin3 although the results of the biopsy he took will confirm that. They should have given you a leaflet after the treatment which says that you can bleed up to 4-6 weeks, that the bleeding is usually mild at first and that after around 10 days it intensifies. Keep an eye on it, if you feel that it is getting worse or smell badly, go and see your gp. As for the cramps, that can happen too. I took paracetamol. Usually treatment is successful in 95% of the cases. Sometimes you need more than one. Please don’t worry too much about the cells getting worse in a short period of time. It can happen, and that’s why treatment is done. I hope the bleeding improves and more importantly that you have a great wedding day!

Aw thank you so much for replying! No they he really didnt give me a lot of information at all, a wee leaflet but it barely had anything in it. He didnt actualy tell me what I had, I had to phone my gp 2 days after the for actual diagnosis as it was playing on my mind.

That makes me feel a bit better thank you xxx