Cold Coagulation


Anyone had to have this before? Really worried and panicking, am booked in for Wednesday at 9am! The consultant I saw for my biopsy wasn't very good, she was reluctant to answer my took me three attempts to find out how serious my smear results were (severe) which she then decided to say and underline with her pen!!! 

Seems most people either have laser or loop, can't seem to find much on Cold Coagulatuon. 

i know I'm probably freaking out for nothing but I've got so much running through my head! I normally distress by playing football, running and hiking and I won't be able to any of this come Wednesday :( 

Any advice or experiences much appreciated! 


Thanks in advance 


I found this- you might already have seen it though

Im sorry you going through such a worrying time. It says that you can expect some bleeding/discharge for a month so I'm guessing after that you'll be able to back to all the active things you love to do.

Its a shame your consultant is being so unhelpful. Maybe you will get more answers on Wednesday.

good luck!

I can really relate to your feelings towards the consultant.  My last appt was really distressing for me but only because of the lack of social skills and info given to me.  I came away so frustrated and worried.  I don't actually know if I even had a biopsy.... It was mentioned but not confimed even though I specifically asked 3x if one had been performed.

I can't help you with the cold coagulation as I received LETZ but I can say that none of it was as bad as I'd imagined and tbh the relief from having it dealt with was huge. Thinking of you and hoping everything goes smoothly for you x

JanieMS - thank you I hadn't seen that one, was so much more helpful than the things I had been sent. There seems to be a lot more on most of the main sites around the alternative treatments that are given so that has been adding to my stress!! 

Lorna, I literally don't think some of them realise what they are dealing with! It's ridiculous! My consultant literally said to me this procedure was 'like having boiling water poured on your skin' when she saw my face she added 'luckily you won't feel anything because of the local anesthetic. A lot of people seem to have the LETZ treatment, kinda worry that it might be more effective! 


Thank you both :) x