cold coagulation.

Cold coagulation is nothing to be worried about. The procedure is actually fine and over so quickly. I was more nervous over the fact that the doctor was a man which just made me really uncomfortable. But its fine. I was preparing myself for the worst case that the local anaesthetic (needle) would be so painful but i barely felt it. It was like a tiny pin prick and gone in a second and I never felt a thing afterwards. It was much quicker than the first colposcopy appointment i had where they took a biopsy. I actually felt a bit embarrassed at how dramatic i was before the procedure as i was so nervous. It was honeslty no big deal. I am more worried about the after effects of this procedure. I had my first smear done 2 months ago and it came back abnormal. After a biopsy through colposcopy i heard after 6 weeks waiting that i had cin 2 and hpv positive. How effective is cold coagulation? I am worried that in 6 months when i go back for a smear that the cells will just have come back. I am so anxious that I will need to get more invasive procedures done. Does anyone know of any natural ways to clear your body of the hpv virus? I feel disgusting knowing that this virus is in my body and I cant do anything about it. Is it something i need to tell future partners? Also does anyone know do you always bleed the first time having sex after cold coagulation even if you wait 6 weeks? 

Hi Lillypower

I am of no use to you at all other than i am in the same boat at the minute. I had the cold coagulation done last Thursday for exactly the same reasons. HPV and CIN 2. And i feel the same about the virus and the fact you don't seem to be able to do anything about it. I am also worried that i now have 6 months to wait to find out if i am okay or whether more treatment will be needed. It's horrible having no control of the situation but fingers crossed in 6 months we will both have nothing more to worry about for a while (or ever, ideally!). Good luck with everything x