Cold Coagulation - Pre, During & Post Treatment explained.

Background information: I am a 25 year old female, I do not smoke, I have a very healthy diet, I am on the pill and weigh 9 stone.

August 2016 - I was 6 months late having my smear, I had no real symtpoms of anything being wrong apart from constant discharge. My results came back abnormal. My initial thoughts were worry, why me, anxiety and stress.

September 2016 - I was pleased to recieve a letter so promptly stating I needed to go for a biopsy at my local colposcopy clinic. I did not tell a soul for weeks but eventually told my best friend and my auntie. It was a difficult time as my Nan had passed away so I felt I couldn't upset my Mother further by telling her about me.

October 2016 -  My best friend accompanied me to the hospital to have biopsies taken. The nurses were absolutely fantastic and put me at ease as they could see I was a nervous wreck. However, I was too scared to ask the questions I wanted to ask and felt very sad and unsure. The biopsies were fine, it did not hurt, it just felt uncomfortable.

November 2016 - I recieved a letter stating I had CIN1 and High Risk HPV. I was due to go back in January to have another Biopsy and see where I was at. I hated feeling uncertain and not knowing if this would progress into something more sinister. I felt ashammed and sad. In hindsight I should have told more people but I felt it was a taboo subject. It knocked my self confidence.

January 2017 - The nurse explained that the pathologist was unsure initially if it was CIN1 or CIN2 as there was a small focus of CIN2 which she thought she had probably cut out during the biopsy. It was agreed that I would have the treatment of cold coagulation. I asked if I would be able to have children to which she explained that this is the safest treatement and leaves very little scar tissue, there is no reason why I wouldn't be able to carry a child.

July / August 2017 - My first appointment was cancelled upon arrival due to staff being on the sick. I felt extremely deflated as I had prepared myself for it to be on that day. I had a new appointment 3 weeks later. The team of nurses were again fantastic and put me at ease. I laid on the bed and put my feet into the appropriate position. I have a ridiculous fear of needles and for some reason thought LA didn't require a needle ! oops. I can only describe it as a very VERY quick dull ache that passed straight away. It just felt strange! then I felt absolutely nothing when the prob was on me. They done 3 30 second blasts. I was giving an appointment for 12 months time to have a smear.

Post Treatment - I thought I would have felt happy after the procedure but I actually felt very upset and emotional. I have spoken with others who have had this procedure and felt similar afterwards. I had no bleeding just a brown coloured discharge and what I can only describe as water pouring from me. This lasted 3 weeks. I went to the doctors the week after the procedure as I had very bad cramps and an unpleasant smell. They gave me antibiotics which cleared it up straight away. I am now on my 4th week and am just having off coloured discharge. I am trying to be more positive and am grateful that everything was caught early 'Prevention is key' I have made sure all my friends get themselves checked as it is so important!!