Cold coagulation instead of LLETZ


Has anyone requested to have cold coagulation instead of LLETZ and if so what’ve your experiences of this been?

I’m really worried about any impact that treatment may have on future pregnancies (I’m 27 and have no children yet) and from what I can see, there seem to be less risks associated with the cold coagulation?

I have CIN 2 and LLETZ has been recommended.

Hello, I had cold coagulation in April following a CIN 2 smear and will have my 6 month follow-up smear next week. I was not offered LLETZ, possibly because my colposcopy couldn’t find any abnormal cells after the smear. The good thing about cold coagulation for me was that it was over quickly, painless, I didn’t have any pain or bleeding after. My understanding is that it’s less invasive (for example may remove less millimetres than LLETZ). The bad thing is I have absolutely no idea what cells they removed. Once the cells are gone, they are gone, they can’t be extracted for testings. With LLETZ they can send the cells off to pathology and see if they got the bad cells and a clear margin. I don’t have that info so I’m really going into this smear blind.

My consultant is a big fan of cold coagulation, and pushed for that over LLETZ for my CIN3. Procedure was fine, but ultimately didn’t work so I’ve had to go back through all the long waiting lists (she thought it was all removed at the time, didn’t find out until after my delayed smear) Just my experience though!

Thanks so much for responding - really helpful to hear other people’s experiences. I hope your smear confirms that all the abnormal cells have been removed x

Thanks for replying and I’m sorry to hear that it didn’t work. Have they given you any indication as to why they think it didn’t?