cold coagulation freaking out

Hi im a bit worried, me and my partner were trying to get pregnant for a few years visited my gp to see if there were any reasons for it not happening and as i turned 25 last year they said i should have my first ever smear so in may i went along had the smear was positive thinking it was just routine i then got a very basic letter from the hospital telling me i had abnormal cells on my cervix gave very little information even in the leaflet they had attached to my appointment letter asking me to go for a colposcopy i ended up taking to google just to find out what it all meant. 5 weeks ago i had the colposcopy which resulted in having a biopsy yataken from a couple of areas but the whole experience kicked off my anxiety as i have a real problem with panic attacks and the lack of information really didnt help now ive had a letter back stating i have an appointment for tuesday coming up to have cold coagulation treatment again with very little information but this time google hasnt even managed to inform me much about it either ive found a couple of bits of information about local anaestetic or general anaestetic and some bits say it hurts others dont and im starting to freak out even more than with the colposcopy and just really need some information from people who have experienced it what to expect with the treatment before during and after.


I have also had abnormal smear test and I am due for cold coagulation treatment next month.

How did the procedure go? I am scared and not sure I want to do it.