Cold Coagulation Advice

Hi there, I had cold coagulation treatment 7 days ago following HPV positive and CIN2 grade change following my latest smear last August. The procedure itself was fine, bit uncomfortable but over really quickly. I had a local anesthetic and was absolutely knackered that night, but my energy levels have been normal since. I have had the watery discharge, really horrible feeling like you’re peeing yourself several times a day! I have also noticed that my emotions are a bit all over the place, feeling like I need to cry at the drop of a hat etc…I’ve also noticed that I’ve been really bloated.

I haven’t been able to find many people online who have had this treatment, the LLETZ seems to be most common, so just wanted to hear about other people’s experiences post treatment.

I’m on the contraceptive pill, and was due my period Sunday or Monday, I’m not sure if it’s the stress of the week but I’ve still not had my period (only really a day late so far right enough!) and just wondered if anyone else’s period was affected after this treatment - I’ve only read about it coming early, not late!!

Which type of hpv do you have?
I got cryo treatment for Cin 1 and Cin 2 lesions 6 months ago. I had a lot of watery discharge after treatment. My period was on time but my second period was weird. The blood was black and sticky. How old are you?

Hi there! Thanks for the reply. I wasn’t told which type of HPV I had, just that cell changes were CIN2. I’m 37, still no period as of yet…

Did you ask your doctor?