Colcoscopy tomorrow. So scared!

I had my smear at the beginning of Feb and received my results - showing high grade dyskaryosis- and appointment to go for a colcoscopy last week
I felt fine before I got my results, now I have a constant pain in my back…not sure if this stress related?
I can’t help but think the worst. I’m only 24 and I’m terrified

Try to keep in mind that the chances of it being anything terrible are so, so slim.  I am waiting on results of my biopsy at the moment and I'm terrified too - at least here we know we are not alone :)

You're totally right. It's just so hard not to think the worst. How was your colcoscopy? As bad as you initially think?


I had my colposcopy 2 weeks ago and lletz treatment at the same time. I was so so scared and anxious as I didn't have a clue what to expect, but it was no where near as bad as what I thought in my head, it was honestly fine, they make you so comfortable, the best advice I can give is just relax an it'll be over before you know it

Big hugs, here if you need a chat xx

I also have lower back pain to that's been going on over a month, waiting on xray results now to, don't know if it's worse because of my anxiety and always  thinking the worst xxx

Thank you for replying! My mind is working overtime. I'm terrified of what they might find. It sounds weird but I just wish it was time to go so I had some sort of answers. The leaflets o received with letter were so positive about everything, and it does seem more common than I thought. I naievely went for the smear and never gave it a second thought, assuming everything would come back normal! 


Are you you waiting for results back? Hope everything went well for you, and hopefully not much longer to wait! X

Yes I’m waiting for my results, I’m a nervous wreck, my heart races when the phone rings and every morning waiting for the post, it’s been awful but this forum and the women on here are a god send.
I received my smear results back on the 2nd Feb, just saying an abnormal result?
And that I had to go for a colposcopy, this sent me into a meltdown (already suffer with anxiety) so on the 12th Feb I went for my colposcopy and they preformed lletz treatment, I don’t know what the abnormalitie was though, she just said it’ll be about 4-5 weeks for the results, and if it was any thing bad she would phone me in 2 weeks, I’ve been an absolute mess. But all in all the colposcopy and the treatment was absolutely fine to my surprise xxx

I can imagine Kirsty. Thankfully you’re at the 2 week mark so fingers crossed its good news! Please let us know when you hear anything! Xxx

aw thanks hun. and all the best for tomorrow, you’ll be fine. just give me a message if you need to chat xxx


Just wondering how you found the coloscopy?

I have mine next Wednesday - after been told I have High grade dyskarysis after my first smear. 

Finding it hard to not panic and think the worst. 



Hi Stacey!

I had an abnormal smear result back in December which was severe high grade. I went for colposcopy which was absolutely fine! It's a little uncomfortable but just like a smear is. The biopsies don't really hurt - a little sting for maybe 2 seconds! The thought of it all and the build was so much worse than the actual colposcopy.

So at colposcopy the doctor and nurses were amazing!! So friendly and comforting. The doctor actually couldn't see any abnormalities at mine even though smear came back as severe. He biopsied the small area of inflammation that I had and it did come back as CIN 2. 

I have been for treatment this morning - cold coagulation - and again, it was fine! Obviously there are other ways I'd like to be spending my day but it was all over in 20 minutes and I get to have a nice relaxing day off to "recover".

Try not to worry too much as the anxiety will take over your life. If you have any questions just ask :)

Charlene xx


Thank you Charlene for explaining!! :slight_smile:
It is just the not knowing which is the worst bit but least I don’t have too long to wait, just too easy to google things and somehow ‘worst case scenarios’ always come up!
Glad everything has gone well for you :slight_smile:

Hi Stacey 

I just got home, was literally in and out in 20 minutes. I had a breakdown as soon as I went in but the nurse/doctor was lovely! She completely out me at ease. she did a loop biopsy there and then as she could see some abnormal changes but she assured me she wasn't concerned by anything she'd seen. 

She thought I'd hear back no lafter than 2 weeks and told me not to worry anymore, as more than likely, everything is gone now. 

It's so nice talking to people about this, the worst case scenario stories have had me a wreck X 

Aw brilliant news! :) bet you feel so relieved. 

Yeah I just want it to be over and done with now so I at least will know more even if the news isn't good. 

I've been a mess since I recieve that letter (which is such an awfully blunt letter not reassuring at all)

Stacey :)

I'd tell you not to worry, but it's not that easy is it?! In sure you'll be fine though, and feel free to message me if you want to talk about anything. 

I totally agree, I don't think it should be sent in a letter. I think I would have felt so much better if I'd received a phone call...where I could have asked any questions. 

Let us know how you get on, thinking of you. The wait is awful X 

Thank you!!! These forums have been my saviour! It is lonely when no one you know 100% understand as they haven't been through it themselves. 

YES! or a letter saying make an appointment to discuss your recent test not the cold letter we all recieve!

I will keep the forum updated ... thank you.... other peoples good news helps calm my nerves.  :)



Just had a call from the hospital to move my appointment forward to tomorrow. 

She said it is nothing to worry about and they just have some earlier appointments to fill and to shorten my wait but now I am freaking out again!!! Least I don't have to wait as long I suppose! roll on tomorrow!!! 


Hope all goes well! At least they cut 24 hours off the waiting time for you :) that is the worst!!

Charlene x