colcoscopy found cervical lesion

Hi all so Iv decided to post even though Iv talked to many people about this I’d really appreciate advice from ladies who have also experienced this. On 25/4/17 I’m due LLetz treatment and a biopsy , I had a colcoscopy on 28/3/17 but was that scared they could not treat me , Iv spoken to my gp about my colcoscopy results and she said they saw a lesion as well as the abnormal cells , I’m now absolutely sick with worry even more now as I’m already petrified about my lletz , I’m 31 with 2 young children :frowning: what does this lesion mean :frowning:
Never missed and Always had normal smears but this time got a bad one :frowning:

March 6 2017 (moderate) high grade dyskaryosis found

28 march 2017 colcoscopy cervical lesion found

25 April 2017 lletz treatment and biopsy treatment


Sorry you are going through this stress. I think cervical lesions aren't always bad. It might just a polyp, cyst, benign lesion... My smears were always normal too.. So understand the shock. I'm 35 and had lletz for CIN 3 in Nov. I had cc symptoms so was so relieved it came back as nothing worse. They didn't however get clear margins, so dreading my follow up smear which is 9 May. 

Best of luck for the 25th

keep me posted 

I am having mind today xxxxxx good luck xxxx

Hiya just had my lletz only pain was small sting from injection , and mild pinch at end , so wasn't as bad as I thought ! Just feel tired now xxx

Glad it went well! 

Now fingers crossed for good news xxx

Thank you beyonconcerned :) I'm now resting for 2 days before work , just started with bleeding abit now and pain :( xx

Aww, bless. It's not nice, but it will get better. Keep an eye out for very heavy bleeding, off smelling discharge.... Mine was throbbing for ages. X