Colcoscopy concerned

Hey ladies... So after my first snear being borderline and hpv+ I was forwarded in for a colp had it today found it extreamly distressing and uncomfortable think my anxiety didn't help had to unfortunately have a biopsy taken she did say she felt there was only mild changes but did say my cervix wasinfammed I left in a state so didn't ask to mych got to wait 6 weeks for results which us going to kill me :( im so worried what would my cervix be inflamed for?? I'm in a bit of discomfort tonight after biopsy too is this normal? Xxx

Hi Carly :-)

Sorry you're feeling uncomfortable, anxious and confused.

So, taking a biopsy means cutting off a little chunk. Therefore a bit of discomfort is absolutely normal, just like if you'd cut off a little bit somewhere visible.

Your cervix could be inflamed for a heap of perfectly innocent reasons so please try not to fret about that. The wait for results is indeed a killer but since your smear was only borderline, and nothing more than a spot of inflammation was seen at the colposcopy I think you can be fairly confident that your biopsy results are not going to show up anything particularly nasty. Do your best not to even give it a second thought until the results actually arrive.

Be lucky


Morning Tivoli thank you again for your reply. I'm not feeling great over all of this its realky worrying and scary and I don't understand why you have to wait so long for results. She advised up to 6 weeks Between my snear and colp I drove myself insane with worry and now the worry continues I have evidence of hpv so wondered if maybe that was causing the inflammation. I have no typical signs of cc like bleeding etc but have a general feeling of being unwell and slightly more discharge however I stoped taking my contraveptive pill as soon as recieved letter so think that's hasn't helped me at all. Hormones are all over the show. I'm very worries and confused I guess I'll just have to try put it to the back of my mind for now until my results regardless of what it all could be its out of my control now anyway I think only stressing about it is making me worse im not sleeping or anything!! If I want to fight of this infection I need to start being positive!! Thanks again for your reply! It's so comforting talking to someone about this. Hope all is we'll take care xxx



I know its hard but i really genuinely havent worried between each process remember:

1- what they are doing is to help you and they are doing it to prevent anything bad!

2- focus on each milestone as you go along dont waste your time worrying lifes too short :)

3- theres nothing you can do in the 6 weeks so thats why you should try your best to forget it. Unfortunately you have to remember it probably takes 6 weeks because unfortunately its not private health care and everyone that had their biopsies before you will have theirs tested first.

4- i know everyones different but try being positive your getting fixed dont forget! Its one of those things and if you have to go back try and remain calm and collected. Iv had biospy done, lletz another day which im waiting on results and yesterday i had to see my gp as it maybe infected so she did another examination and put me on antibiotics you gotta do it....the joys of being a woman!

Please try not to let it worry you so much. Oh and i found the biospy more uncomfotable than the Lletz got period type cramps...thats normal just have some painkillers and hot water bottle and put your feet up.



Hi Tash thank you so much for your reply and positive words.. You are definitely right in sense that they are helping me from anything bad happening... It's just so worrying concerning and im only 25 so something I never really thought about getting an abnormal smear. since receiving it ive started imagining other things happening to my body which I think is in my head and just anxietys. I'm going to try my hardest to stay positive and not let my anxiety get the better of me. I'm a bit of a control freak so when I'm not in control of something it gets to me hahaha ive started taking lots of vitamins eating a lot healthier and come of the pI'll hoping that it will help my body get all its natural hormones back and fight of this hpv virus. onviously mean time I have to be very careful not having any surprises of a bun in the oven!! Being a women aye it isn't easy!!! Thanks again for your reply and I really hope your results are positive and you can move on with your life. Hope the infection isn't too bad! Lots of hugs sent your way!! xxx



Aww its natural i completely understand it was only my second smear im 28yrs old. If you dont itll drive you mad. Just out of interest why did you come off the pill? Were you advised?


When I went for my smear I had mentioned I planned on coming off the pill in Jan 2015, when I got the abnormal results my GP told me to stay on my pill until I had had my treatment.


Do you plan on having children are you in relationship etc? I know I wony be wasting anytime after my results come back as Ive seen the heartache from my friends and people on here that have had normal smears after Lletz and then gone on to have abnormal results again.

Chin up just think at least theyre doing what they can for you and theres always someone worse :)


Take care x

Hi Tash.. I wasn't advised coming off the pill no it all seemed from me getting into a bad habit of doing back-back packets for two months and my periods were very clotty! Sorry (tmi) I am in what i feel is a long term relationship so talk of children has happened but not quite ready yet!! So given that my periods we're starting to be a little dodgy and then that result I figured by reading up on google etc it maybe best for me to come off just to get my natural hormones sorted and have a natural cycle not a withdrawal bleed that pill causes. I read up on the side effects of pills etc for absolute hours and have been on it for many years. So along with the dodgy smear i resulted drastically to just coming off cause soon enough I'll plan of having little ones anyway. Sounds drastic actually but my partner has just badly broken his leg and after what I'm going through its actually not been happening or wanted for either of us since haha! Poor us!! So since coming off which was the 5th feb we haven't done it and probes won't until I have my results and his leg is better anyway... Ita going to be a kind few months haha. Yeah I've read some story's that's happeend to people about having to have two lots of treatment and its affected fertility!! So sad! I don't blame you on wasting anymore time once your over this hurdle in life 28 is a lovely age to start thinking of a family if your in a long term relationship. My partner is 31 this year all his friends etc have started family's marriage etc! So I dont expect it would be many years off for us!... Sorry on the bad grammar etc im on my iPhone at work so dofficault to check. How long have they said you have to wait for your results?? Hope it isn't to long!! Xxxx

Lol don't worry about the grammar mine can be just as bad at times!


Aww bless you both in the wars then! If you are thinking about children then as soon as your ready after your all clear id go for it. It can sometimes take forever trying aswell. My other half is 36 so knocking on a bit as i always say to wind him up in the kids department so we will be trying when i get the all clear :)

I've got to wait 6-8weeks from the 13th feb so a while yet but i'm not really thinking about it until then just concentrating on resting to let it heal as best as. You'll have to update us with your results, even if its more treatment youll be just fine! :)


My moto in life is always expect the worst and you won't be disappointed. Some may say its a bit negative i figure it can only be better than what you thought it would be lol.x

Aww lovely that's exciting and something to look forward to after you get the all clear!! best therapy to have something to look forward to and focus on when your healing!! :) you should look into taking folic acid vitamin daily supplement meantime... Get your cervix all healthy and ready if you haven't started taking those already! I started taking it recently too but not quite for babies reasons as of yet! Mind you with this huge health scare it's something im seriously considering talking to mine partner about for the next year or so but like you say focus on getting ourselves healthy and then the fun begins and definitely can take a while Too. I wish you all the best for your results and a happy and healthy life planning your family!! olease keep me posted on how you are getting on and I will certainly let you know on how I go too:) thanks again for your positive thinking today its really helped me take care and big hugs xxx

Your more than welcome :)


Yes i'm going to look into folic acid soon i've seen not so great reports on the folic acid tablet/vitamins so going to look at alternatives and real folic acid opposed to false folic acid.


Youll be just fine keep me posted on how you get on as well. Just think without all this moderm technology and the country we live in we wouldnt even know we had the abnormal cells at this preventative stage. Take care x