Colc clear but more treatment needed

Morning ladies 


Iin march 2013 I was sent for a colc which came up clear due to an abnormal smear, I've was asked to come back in a year. 


Within that year I have had a baby and when I returned in May this year the colc came back clear again. 


However i have have just received a letter dated 9th June saying I have to return on the 17th June for another colc appointment. when I spoke to the hospital they said that all they could tell me was that more treatment was needed. 


In going out of my mind with worry at the last appointment they performed another smear.


Does anyone know what this appointment might be about should I be worried.


i keep looking at my baby and crying please help . 

Hi, firstly please try not to worry too much,

I have a few friends who have had colposcopies and have been they have been called back and forth for further treatment. One friend had further treatment and went onto to have a healthy pregnancy.

It is probably that they are being preventitive and precautious and you may need a little further treatment which is a good thing that they are keeping on top of things. Please try not to get upset best wishes X

Hi thanks so much for the reply. 

I've been called back as the cell changes from the smear have moderate changes. 

im having a loop excision on tuesday which is scary. 

Any advice ice greatly received 

Hi, my friends have had both moderate and severe changes and they all were fine, I myself had severe changes, I have had the loop excision and to be honest I have found smears to be more uncomfortable!

It really does seem like they are just being precautious, I am sure there will be other ladies on here who can put your mind at rest!