Col app and biopsy

So from my first smear at 25/26 I’ve always been told hpv postive and cin1 due to being a carer and lack of childcare etc life gets in the way shitty excuse, I’ve had 2 colposcopies, forgive the spelling, first one was watch and wait went for my second couple of days ago she said it’s in between 1 and 2 but because it’s always been there she’ll do a biopsy and now I’m just waiting… I got diagnosed with lymphoma young so it doesn’t totally scare me but it’s the waiting like waiting to find out and my little boy it’s making me so anxious, I’ve also read online they don’t usually do biopsy’s unless it’s grade 3 and my anxious thoughts are trying to convince me she saw something how are we all? Sorry for my rambling, i definitely have symptoms from what I’ve read spotting after sex or it can induce bleeding not all the time but it has done and irregular periods I’m worried x

Hi @Louu9

Im not really sure where you got that information from that a biopsy is only taken if its grade 3 as thats simply not true, a biopsy can be taken at any grade i had a biopsy with a borderline change smear that returned CIN1, many woman have had a biopsy for any grade so theres nothing to suggest you should read between the lines with this… biopsies are generally done as more of a confirmation so they just want to make sure what they are seeing is right, if they suspected CC they would have treated the area then rather than taking a biopsy and waiting for the results

I also had a few symptoms that matched CC from heavy bleeding, irregular periods to abnormal discharge/spotting that my GP put down to the cervical ectropion i was diagnosed with at an earlier colposcopy, eventually after monitoring I had a LLETZ but only CIN was found which is asymptomatic… there are many condition that arnt related to CC that the symptoms match to a TEE but CC rarely turns out to be the cause

There isnt anything to suggest you have anything more than a precancerous lesion or that they suspect anything more than a CIN1-2 result xx

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Thank you for your reply I think I’ve just been doing a lot of research online and YouTube and obviously got some wrong information. Thank you so much it’s just the waiting I think makes you worry more, I’m so glad yours wasn’t anything sinister was the leetze painful? If you don’t mind me asking xx

Not at all :slight_smile: i had mine under GA so i was asleep when i had it, it was just a little light cramping afterwards with me, but if its done under local its just like a colposcopy biopsy, they numb the cervix with local anesthetic before they treat it so it shouldnt be painful, just a sharp pinch when they first inject the local xx

Hello, I had LETZ with local a few weeks ago and the whole process was honestly fine. No pain or discomfort.
Everyone in the room was amazing and nurse chatted to me whole time to keep me distracted.
Good luck xxx