Coil has gone after LEEP treatment

Hi all,

I need some advice please, I recently had my second lot of LEEP treatment ( in 10 months) and before the procedure i asked the doctor to leave my Mirena coil in as the other doctor did, this was two months ago and now i have started beeling during sex. I went to the doctor who told me after a good 10 minutes of rumaging around that she couldnt find my coil and i could be pregnant !!!

I phoned the hospital who told me they would phone me back and let me know if they have heard anything and they havent and i am waiting for a scan now but have been told this could take up to three months!!!!

I am really scared number one that i am pregnant and number two that something bad has happened i have never been on any kind of forum before, i have just tried to deal with everything myself but this is getting me down and i cant seem to find any advice on the internet apart from scary stories, which has made me worse.

Thanks in advance to0 anyone who responds xx

Wow.. If they have taken it out, didn't tell you and you are now pg that is real negligence on their behalf. The obvious thing to do is take a pregnancy test.


Not got any other advice really as I've never been in your situation, but good luck.



If you feel up to it, I'd suggest you contact your Patient Liaison Service (PALS) at the hospital where you were treated. They are sometimes called something else. Anyway they should be able to help you register this and to look in to it. You certainly deserve some answers as a minimum.

good luck sweetie x


I would advice you to go to your gp or the family planning clinic for a pregnancy test. you can find the family planning clinic through the family planning association or buy a test from the chemist. sorry to hear you are upset x