Coflicting Information

I have had abnormal smears since i was 16. 

(i was raped at 13 had a baby at 14 been having smears once a year from then!) 

Most currently i have had 2 abnormal smears after a repeat one was done and i am now awaiting a appointment for a


My GP and NP have both noted a "growth" and a "lesion" on my cervix... 

i had Cin3 cells laser removed 14 months ago can this all be happening again so soon? 

im scared. i am only 26 can this really be as bad as what im imagining? 


Hello Aimee, I can imagine your fear, having an abnormal smear result can be really frightening - it's the unknown that is so scary.  The growth could well be a cyst of some kind & the lesion could be from having intercourse as I think  lesions are like small abrasions only they are inside your body.   I've had these treated successfully in the past.    Hopefully you will have the colposcopy soon and get it cleared up.

Hang in there, try not to let your imagination run away with it, hopefully the colposcopy will take care of it.

Best wishes


Thank You for answering me Sharon, i do really hope its nothing but my GP has really scared me with talks

of Cervial Cancer possiblitys given my other symtoms and repeat smears abnormalitys.

It is the unknown that is making me a hard person to be around if im honest

i feel like no-one understands how scary it is... just the thought.. yes i know some people actually have cancer and i am

not as unwell as them but its the possiblity that i could be that is really plating havoc with my head!